Popularised this decade by Jacquemus, micro-bags have taken the fashion world by storm. Though impractical, the tiny bag trend is clearly going strong. If nothing else, you would at least be able to carry ‘a lipstick, a credit card and a key!’ ( Andrea Ioannou, Cara)

If you want to make a statement during these last few winter months, make it a bright one and carry it through to the summer, I did!

In a season where browns, greens, maroons, and black takes reign, a pop of colour can be refreshing—especially when coat season is in full swing. A microdose of candy-coloured leather is just the blast of colour your parka is longing for. Light blues and lilacs contrast well with rich corduroys and brown patent leathers, while lemon yellow pairs perfectly with deep navy silk dresses and skirts. A little bit of orange makes for a joyful addition to your neutral knitwear, while cherry red is a classic companion to denim and a crisp white button-up.

I’d like to get my hands on: