37 brand-new holiday films coming your way. Sure they’re not your MetroGoldwynMayer productions but they are family friendly, ‘clean’ and bring you the good old fashioned Christmas spirit!


So, if you’re not already in the holiday spirit, Hallmark Channel has already kicked off with its 37 new seasonal films premiering this year to get you into it.

With Hallmark it’s always Christmas. Pick a film and lose yourself, allow yourself to be suspended from disbelief – and why not? Watching a Hallmark movie means there is always snow on the ground, togetherness is the word to live by, the horrors of the world reliably subside and endings always have that ‘feel good’ element. If in Narnia, it was always winter but never Christmas, then on the Hallmark Channel, it’s always winter and always Christmas (at least between the months of October and January).

The standard line about Hallmark’s movies is that they’re dumb and super cheesy. They embrace ideas of values, tradition and family even if they are only in the vaguest sense.

I should admit up front that I love a good Hallmark Christmas movie. I’ll watch just about any Hallmark Christmas movie I stumble upon. There’s nothing better than cosying up on your sofa with a glass of wine or a hot tea (that would be me) in pj’s and woolly oversized socks covered with a soft fluffy throw watching a cheesy feel good movie, especially when your hubby or partner is out on a boy’s night!

But when there are 37 Christmas movies in a single year, sure some of them are going to miss the mark a bit but it doesn’t matter because a great Hallmark Christmas movie feels warm and satisfying, complete with gorgeous snow falling from the sky and just the right amount of cheese. It’s not How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days — but it has a spirit of its own!

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Here is the full line up for Hallmark’s 2018 ‘Countdown to Christmas: