The concept of using face masks at home once meant only 2 simple things; we either had dehydrated skin and with a simple hydrating mask we would quench it or we had oily skin which needed a regulating mask to control greasiness.

We now have a mask for any skin concern ranging from tightening, wrinkle control, dark circles elimination, glow and brightness, deep cleansing you name it.

As a professional in the beauty industry, what I’ve realised is that one mask cannot solve all skin problems since different areas face different problems. So the term “multimasking” pretty much says it all, since this technique consists of applying several masks to your face at the same time. There’s a wide variety of masks available that target different issues, but instead of applying a single mask to your entire face in the traditional way, this technique targets each area according to your specific needs by choosing the right care product. When multimasking, you apply all the selected masks at the same time.

For example: apply a purifying clay or charcoal mask to the nose and forehead, a moisturizing mask to the neck, and smoothing or anti-dark circle patches under the eyes

The advantages of this multimasking trend:

There are several reasons to try this trend that’s been hugely popular on Instagram for some time now:

  • All skin is different and requires very specific care: multimasking lets you customize the care you apply to your skin.
  • Multimasking allows you to save time, since you apply your masks simultaneously, rather than one after the other.
  • This technique enables you to optimize the condition of your skin, since you avoid exposing it to care it doesn’t necessarily need. (For example, you avoid applying a purifying mask to a more sensitive skin area on your face that doesn’t require this type of care.)

Eleni Savvides xx

Owner:  Nyxi Nyxi Beauty Lounge