Who wouldn’t love a product that can be used in a variety of ways? From whichever angle you choose to see it; it’s unquestionably a smart purchase. Fewer products in your make up bag plus super convenient to travel with, economical, and a greener option for the environment because you minimize the amount of products you buy!

Both skincare and make up have the ability to multitask. Today I’m going to share wimy top picks from both categories.

Cleansing Balm – Moisturizer – Face Mask – All over Balm

A luxuriously rich balm like the one from Balmology can be used in a variety of ways. If your skin is very dry without congestion or breakouts, then you can use this product to cleanse but also as a moisturizer. Similarly, as a hydrating face mask either applied on its own or mixed with honey. Ideal for when you are having a warm bubble bath. You can also use it wherever you have any dryness on the body. Most common areas are feet, hands, elbows and hair.

Bronzer – Eyeshadow

There were numerous occasions where I suggested people to use their bronzers as eyeshadows and the majority of them were shocked and surprised. If you love brown eyeshadows on you then why not use your bronzer? You can do it with either matte or shimmery powders, or even with creams, although cream will crease on the eyes sooner than powder will. My favorite matte powder bronzer is from Lily Lolo and my favorite shimmery is Ere Perez in Tulum. A nice cream bronzer is this one from Vapour.

Cream blush – Lip tint – Lip stick

One of the benefits of using natural products is that you can pretty much use them all over your face and they won’t cause any irritation because they are all blended with organic oils and minerals or food grade colors. That’s why I always use my cream blushers on my lips too. If the cream blush’s texture is highly pigmented and almost matte and powdery then it will work brilliantly as a lipstick, like this product from Tata Harper. If on the other hand it has a balmy creamy shiny soft texture then it’s just like a tinted lip balm like Ilia’s multi sticks.

Brows – Eyes

Whether you use brow powders, brow pomades, pencils or brow gels, they can all be used on the eyes and lashes. Eye products are eye products any way you see it! Favorites include, Inika brow pencils, Zao’s brow powder, Lavera brow gel, and the Plum Science brow pomade.

Melanie Christou
The Green Edit