Leaving the hot, sunny, Vitamin D-filled season of summer can make you feel like the best is behind you for a while and we are feeling this even more intensely this year but bars and seaside dates aren’t the secret sauce to finding a relationship. Actually, fall is the best season to fall in love. The cooler months aren’t just more aesthetically attractive with sweaters, scarves, and seasonal treats — autumn scientifically makes you more in the mood for a mate the internet clearly states.

Fall is ideal for falling in love, according to science. With the shortening of days comes sluggishness that makes us eager to lounge about at home. Goodbye summer, winter, and spring competition. The case is closed.

Well, if you aren’t convinced, and need more romantic reasons other than what’s going on chemistry-wise in your body, here are some more reasons why falling in love in the fall is the best time to do so. Even though single is not a title I possess, I too will adopt the following to crisp things up a little!

You just want to cuddle all the time.

I don’t know if it’s the temperature changing or the happy festive atmosphere that is autumn, but it’s just a cuddly time, you know? Covid or no covid, snuggling up in a blanket, cozying up together while sipping on a glass of wine or in my case a hot tea, and snuggling before a night of Netflix just all sounds too ideal. With all of the physical touch, it’ll be hard not to fall in love with the person you’re with this fall. Hubby, agree?

Fall has the best activities.

Sorry, you can’t argue with facts. Walks by the sea, wine tasting, picnic going, hiking, and excursions to Cyprus’ different villages are simply the best. They’re fun, easygoing, and full of actual activities. You’ll feel playful while getting to know someone (or getting to know someone again) and feel like you’re being all festive with the season, too.

The treats are top-notch.

If you’re a foodie, fall is such a fun time to have the seasonal treats. You’ll likely bond with your crush or life-long partner over delicious apple pies, doughnuts, and my fav at the moment, brioche chunks with butter and strawberry jam. Yum.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there or swipe through apps, because curfew and partial lockdown are causing even more complications, enjoy the best season of the year, and fall in love. Soon enough it’ll be winter and cuddling for one sounds a little too hard to do. And those of you who have been married for what seems far too long, like myself, fall in love again, it’s all about perfect timing;)

Maria x