My first born has just started high school and I’ve realised that I’m having a hard time dealing with it. I wish I’d got round to writing him a letter, a letter of things I know now that I wish I knew then as is always the case. These last couple of weeks have conjured up so many emotions for me. Pride, sadness, nostalgia, fear. Where are those emoji’s now I need them? I am literally bursting with so many mixed feelings.

In a nutshell my son has embarked on the next, life-changing chapter that will mark his path into adulthood. It seems like yesterday I was spoon feeding him and writing down all his milestones in his book (because that’s what you do for your first born). And with a blink of an eye we are here at high school.

All stages of a child’s journey are intense and tear jerking. That umbilical cord is so strong that it’s difficult to cut loose because, once cut, each phase of their lives is one independent step further away from you. First nursery, then junior school and now high school where your ‘child’ becomes a player in the big league. Because High school is so different with everything that has gone on before. Suddenly your child, who, and let’s be honest, may look like a young adult is still very much a child, has entered a bigger, wider world where sex, drugs and alcohol loom, along with high academic demands, competitive sports and those general growing up issues we all know and remember. It is an overwhelming new chapter.

High school is also a period we can relate to and remember vividly ourselves. That first day when I took him to his high school I was flooded with memories of my own high school journey –  mostly happy ones, a few tearful but I can honestly say I had a great ride. High school is a time for so many firsts. I hope and pray that my son’s firsts will be as joyful and as memorable as mine were.

So son, you are now a high schooler. ‘Big boy at big school with hopefully big dreams’ (quote from my Insta- story)

Dedicated to my boy.

  1. Be confident. Be you. Because you are the best.
  2. Be unique. Everyone has qualities that makes them stand out. Make sure you stand out in what you know you are good at.
  3. Don’t impress others to gain more friends. Let friendship blossom naturally.
  4. Know that true friends are hard to find and can be counted on one hand.
  5. Girls come, girls go and some stay, don’t screw up worthwhile friendships over one.
  6. Respect your school, your teachers your friends and the opposite sex.
  7. Don’t waste too much time on stressing, things have a habit of working themselves out for the best.
  8. Learn from it all. Every day teaches you a lesson.
  9. Above all, have fun and make these years the best days of your life.
  10. Hard work+ effort= success ALWAYS
  11. Remember mum and dad love you, they are your safety net and will be there for you no matter what.
  12. Be that guy! (Mum fell in love with ‘that’ guy and is still with him today!)

P.S. to all mummies:

Let’s try and live it all again through our children, as much as they let us that is. I remember my mum lived every minute through me and loved every single second.