Micellar water is now a cult beauty item. Beauty enthusiasts see it as an extremely effective facial cleanser and makeup remover! A soap-free cleansing solution containing micelle molecules – microscopic clusters of molecules suspended in soft water – and typically appears clear. What’s great about it, is the fact that it removes dirt, excess oils and makeup without breaking the skin’s protective layer leaving it clean, fresh and hydrated. What more could we want?

FYI this product has been around much longer than we know! According to Dr Tabasum Mir dermatologist, entrepreneur and founder of MirSkin, this product was developed more than 100 years ago in France to combat the effects harsh water had on skin.  Dr Mir explains that over time, products like soaps and lotions brushed micellar water to the side only to make a grand reappearance a few years ago. It has become a staple for makeup artists as it can remove an entire face of makeup without leaving oil behind.

Micellar water is very mild and at the same time hydrating which makes it appropriate for every skin type, even the dry and sensitive one (like mine). A foamy wash can strip the skin and leave behind harsh chemicals which will only dry it out even more.  It doesn’t contain alcohol so it never stings and with a gentle rub even the stubbornness of makeups comes off. Just dispense some micellar water onto a cotton pad and let it trap oil, makeup and excess sebum.

So if you had any doubts concerning this magic ‘water’ look no further ‘cause below you will find our top picks tried and tested.

Micellar Water Ultra – Sensitive Skin by La Roche-Posay

This micellar is by far my favourite. I just love the way everything seems to dissolve once it comes in contact with my skin! And the best thing about it is that it has alpha hydroxy acids which gently exfoliate the skintoo. So it’s kinda 2 in 1!

Effaclar Micellar Water – Oily Skin by La Roche-Posay

For anyone with an oily complexion, La Roche-Posay has this option available and it’s good!

 (Both products can be purchased from most local pharmacies)

Micelle Cleansing Water by Declaré

This cleansing water is gentle on the skin, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and soft.

Aroma Cleanse Soothing Micellar Water by Decléor

For those of you seeking a more natural product look no further as Decléor has you covered. This solution is enriched with Rose essential oil which helps soothe, calm and strengthen even the most sensitive skin.

Skin Moisture Micellar Water by Bioten

Another favourite! It’s soft on my skin leaving it feeling fresh and hydrated!

So here you are…our favourite micellar options. All you have to do is just choose which one suits your needs.

Till next week…