My friends will tell you I take major pride in my hands. From semi-serious hand model aspirations to hand hygiene being at the top of my requirement list, it’s definitely a thing.

Not everyone subscribes to regular mani/pedi self-care, and I get it. Some of my friends think it’s a luxury that they can’t afford; or they’re creeped out about someone else dealing with their nail beds and cuticles; or they consider it simply a waste of time.

For me, getting my nails done is literally therapy.

I love sitting back in the pedicure chair, obstructed from using my phone by my foiled finger, and being pampered to the nines. There’s something about surrendering to the manicurist’s control (once you find “the one,” of course and Alexandra is my one! (Instagram account: @melauine)

Speaking of “the one,” let’s talk about the most important one — THE nail polish colour. How do you choose?

I have a process for choosing a nail polish colour. And by process, I mean I drive myself a little crazy.

I know it’s not a tattoo, but nail polish is semi-permanent. It’s a two – three week outfit for your fingernails and people pay attention to details so it is important to get it right.

What are my thought rituals? What season is it?  What colour clothes am I likely to wear? What occasions are coming up? Will I still love this colour in four days?

I often make stupid decisions and then regret it and normally this is when I’m on holiday at a beachy destination and I realise my mani pedi doesn’t go with my kaftan situation!

Besides the fact that a fresh manicure gives you more poise and confidence, colour length and shape of the nail is a further extension of your personality. Choosing a nail polish colour though is tricky as the choice is limitless but at 40 I’ve narrowed my palette down to colours. Nude, red, black, 90’s French and bordeaux , anything else I regret bitterly. Saying that, if you think about how many nudes and reds there are, decision making can still go on forever! Imagine if I had the pinks to think about too?

Some advice if you are anything like me:

  1. Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
  2. It’s OK to go with your go-tos
  3. When the gut fails, go with new releases for that on-trend feel (It’s quite normal for me to turn my relaxation session into a headache.)
  4. When indecision sets in, stick to a regular favourite because you will regret any other colour you choose an hour later
  5. My final take on choosing a nail polish colour is that ultimately, like anything in life, you need to live in the moment and make an instinctive / impulsive decision based on mood ( and for me that means choosing one out of my five colours!!!)
  6. Ultimately it is mood that dictates the colour you choose and moods can fluctuate between feeling relaxed / feminine / daring / impulsive/ loud / sexy

Make sure the place, the person and the chair makes you feel good and the right colour will find you.

I admit I dwell on choosing a nail polish colour to the point of actual momentary stress. I know I may be an over the top nail fanatic, but hands are our  tools  that do a lot of our non – verbal communication.

Look good, feel good. Now that’s a saying. Choose wisely! 🙂

Maria x