Natasha Pavlucheniko, the multi prized, polish designer has recently opened her flag ship boutique on Limassol’s sea front. Housed at the Twin Towers, the glamourous store boasts two floors of exquisite designs and an atelier for one to one consultations. Young, beautiful Natasha was a pleasure to meet the previous week.  Wearing her trade mark colour – black, she introduced herself to me, we had fun taking selfies, being acquainted with each other and laughing our time away.

Natasha Pavluchenko was born in 1979 in Belarus, in a family of Polish and Ukrainian ancestry. She became interested in fashion quite early in life, and gained her inspirations from the work of her great-grandfather – who used to run a successful tailoring atelier in the Warsaw Old Town before World War One. Read and find out more on WMC’s one on one!


  1. Tell me about your background in the fashion industry – when did you first realise you wanted to pursue a career in fashion?

My first love was dancing. I went to ballet school. It was only in my high school of visual arts that I understood that I wanted to design and create fashion. At the beginning of my career I worked as the head designer for the largest Polish fashion house, which today has its clothing stores around the world. Then I decided to start my own brand. It was a period where my effort paid off. I started show casing my collections at competitions and fashion weeks around the world. Rome, Berlin, Moscow, Monte Carlo. During Alta Roma, Alta Moda I was invited to an exclusive group of haute couture designers. My collections were awarded at Smirnoff Awards, Oscarach Mody, Smirnoff Fashion Awards Moscow (2001), International Fashion Show Dusseldorf (” Discovery of the Year ” 2002), Oscars Fashion New Look 2005; Diamonds Fashion – for create polish model of manufacture and fashion and spread them to the world 2015. Today my maraca is buoyant and it is still developing in the right direction. I’m glad that I can be in Cyprus now.


  • A fashion designer is a clothes artist how would you describe your style of art?
    Gothic – beautiful architecture fascinates me. I absolutely unknowingly do things related to it. I really like minimalism, but I like complicated construction. However, I do not want it to be visible.


  • What according to you is your favourite part of being a fashion designer?
    Meeting people and constantly facing new challenges. But the coolest thing is seeing a woman wearing my designs year after year. This means my pieces haven’t got an expiry date and are thoroughly enjoyed.


  • Where do you draw your design inspirations from?
    Observing people and the changing of reality.


  • How would you describe fashion today?
    Fashion is a very broad concept that concerns whims like psychology, sociology, art, and psychology. Fashion blends with reality and moods. Fashion, however, is also a business that is very fluid and you have to be able to add to it because otherwise, it can easily burn out.


  • What kind of woman do you design for?
    Women who expect good design, good quality, good fabrics but above all, individual service. Women who in their closets have beautiful clothes from the world’s largest fashion houses. However, my clients always return to their roots – people want to make tailor-made clothes, and I love to do it, it comes from my family traditions. Women are increasingly looking for personalized projects. I like working with different kinds of people creating an item of clothing that will last a lifetime, not just a season.


  • Which designer inspires you most?
    I do not have a favorite designer. I pay attention to the construction of clothes. Old sculptural, architectural cuts like Balenciaga, Dior. I love Yohji Yamamoto, for me he is the God of construction, design and everything. I would like to do things like him in the future.


  • What role do you think social media plays in the fashion world today?
    Today, more than ever, it is evident how much influence social media has on marketing. In a short time, social media has become a powerful sales and image tool as well as a channel of direct communication with the customer. A brand today, should not only be followed but be interactive. Thanks to social applications, the recipient becomes a participant in a large, closed event. He sits in the first row during a fashion show for example, sees preparations backstage and shows live footage – all thanks to live streaming through social media – Snapchat, Periscope and Instagram. 
  • How do you want women to feel when they are wearing your clothes?
    Exceptionally confident. I want them to feel themselves above all else. I want my clothes to coincide with their character. 
  •  Where do you have flag ship stores?
    My clothes can be found in Monte Carlo, Russia, Paris and Poland. We are currently changing many strategies but at the same time still focusing on online sales around the world. 
  • What attracted you to Cyprus?
    Cyprus is a unique island and this attracted me the most. The sun, the people and my desire to develop my brand just seemed right to open a flagship store on the island. Limassol is currently developing rapidly and this is where I see the future development of the brand.


  • Your boutique is stunning! Who designed it?
    Thank you. The boutique was designed in cooperation with my design office ‘Concept 77’. I watched over everything because I knew exactly how I wanted it.



  • What’s next for Natasha?
    New markets, new technology and new people 🙂


Welcome to Cyprus Natasha!

Natasha and her team will be at The Vienna Ball in Cyprus, which will take place on Saturday, March 3, 2018 at Hilton Cyprus Hotel, Nicosia, Cyprus!