There are endless lipsticks to choose from these days, and the task of pin pointing the right shade can be quite overwhelming. But choosing a lipstick based only on its colour is wrong, we should all be choosing our lipsticks based on ingredients too! I only use natural and where possible organic lipsticks for myself and my clients, because at the end of the day we swallow it and frankly I don’t particularly like the idea of swallowing petrolatum, mineral oil, and other synthetic chemicals. What’s more, most of the conventional lipsticks you find on the market are tested on animals in order to be able to sell in China, I don’t want to follow suit just to wear nice lipstick. So, narrowing it down to just natural and organic lipsticks will help us  choose colours easier without worrying about our health and ethical values.

 I’ll choose natural lipsticks over conventional brands any day, especially since there are so many amazing natural lipstick formulas available now. My favourites are just as good as the conventional ones, so you won’t feel like you are missing out.

If you like matte, pigmented and long lasting lipsticks, look out for RMS Beauty, Antipodes, Absolution, Colorisi and Zao Makeup.

If you enjoy creamier hydrating lipsticks, look out for Ilia Lip Conditioners and Lily Lolo.








If you like unique and unusual colours, have a look at Axiology, Ritual de Fille.




If you love a sheer tinted lip balms, look out for Ilia Tinted Lip ConditionersAlima Pure Lip TintBurt’s Bees Tinted Lip BalmRituel De Fille Enchanted Lip Sheer. 




If you like pearly, metallic lips, then have a look at InikaColorisiAxiologyZao’s Pearly Lipstick.


I hope you feel more inspired now to try the natural, non-toxic lipstick! Trying different brands is fun and experimenting with textures and colours is so exciting! I say, take your pick!

 Melanie x The Green Edit