A moisturizer is as essential as your cleanser, toner/mist and serum. Think of them as a group of friends who they always, no matter what, hang out together. One cannot be missing.
Its job is to hydrate, balance and protect mostly the outer layer of the skin; it shouldn’t do anything more than that really. Your sophisticated and active ingredients should all be in your serum, as it typically has smaller molecules and can travel deeper into the skin. 

I’m sure we often buy a product and after a couple of uses we realize that it’s not exactly what we thought it would be so we put it aside and buy another one. I’m all for wanting the best of the best for your skin, but sometimes there are ways to make a product work for better if we tweak it a little bit, this way we are being less wasteful!

How to make the consistency work for you:

You can control the thickness of your moisturizer by diluting it with your toner/mist. Personally, I always thoroughly mist my skin before applying my moisturizer because my skin gets congested easily, even with a lightweight cream. Having slightly damp skin before applying the cream helps to:

  1. Spread the product all over the skin without the fear of having more product on some areas and less on others
  2. It encourages product penetration because it’s now thinner, and also it dilutes it to the extent that you want it to.

Obviously the more toner you mist on your skin the more the cream will be diluted, so the ratio is up to you.

If your skin is dryer, with no issues of congestion, then I would still recommend lightly misting your skin to encourage product penetration, but, I would then go in with a second layer to make sure you have enough moisturizer sitting on top of the skin so your  skin’s surface doesn’t go dry and flaky after a few hours. If you are extremely dry then add a few drops of oil into your cream to make it richer.

The only way you can’t make a moisturizer work for you is if your skin is reacting to a specific ingredient in the formula, which in that case it doesn’t matter if you dilute it or not.

Moisturizer Recommendations:

Extremely Dry / Dry / Dehydrated:
Balance me – Intensive wrinkle repair
Dr. Alkaitis day/night cream

Please note: If you are dehydrated then make sure you use a good amount of serum under your moisturizer.

Nuori Protect +
Odacite Time Release Delivery Cream

Oily / Combinations / Not Acne-prone
Evolve True Balance Lotion
Ere Perez Moringa Cream

Oily / Combination / Spot prone / Acne

S5 Balancing Fluid

Extremely Sensitive / Eczema
Twelve day/night cream
Ren Evercalm moisturiser



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