It’s now officially winter, which means one thing: cold and flu season… Yay!
There are sooo many natural products that make your life more comfortable when you are going through a cold.For example, eucalyptus salves and shower gels, or lavender body creams and mists to help you relax and go to sleep, even some amazing immune boosting supplements from food-grade organic brands!

If you are going through a cold or a family member is and want to buy them something, then keep on reading, you will find this interesting.

Bath and Body

A good old warm bath can do wonders for you if you are feeling under the weather. I especially love to have some bath salts in the water for an extra boost. The Westlab Recovery Bathing Salts are really good because they are enhanced with White Willow, Arnica and Eucalyptus so it encourages the muscles to relax but also the eucalyptus steam will help with any nasal problems.

If you don’t have time for a bath, then the Dr Bronner’s eucalyptus shower gel is fantastic to use in the shower! Or if you are lucky enough to have a eucalyptus tree in your neighbourhood, you can even hang a small piece in your shower to get the benefits of eucalyptus infused steam. 

Now once you are out of the shower, I would recommend slathering your body with a good amount of lavender body cream. It will relax you even more and drift you into deep sleep. The Florame is good but any natural lavender body cream will do.

You can also use a healing salve on your chest or under your nose to help with clearing the airways and relief congestion.


The Easy Breathing Cold and Flu Relief Salve from the Cypriot herbalist Gaia Olea does exactly what it claims to do. Another similar product that is a bit more high end and it will make a great gift is the Aromatherapy Associates Support Breathe Rollerball.

Remedies and supplements

There are so many natural DIY recipes online to combat cold and flu symptoms, from teas to tonics, which I would encourage you to recreate, but if you don’t have time or prefer to just buy something then check out the Organic Fire Tonic from Gaia Olea again. It is the ultimate natural immunity booster, made with organic fresh ingredients. You can see her making it in this video!

Also the Biocol Labs have created a winter fix kit with 2 of their first aid treatments/food supplements that target cold and flu. This combo of goodness includes a treatment called “Something for Achoos” that contains a mixture of shiitake, echinacea and copper which contribute to the healthy function of the immune system. The other one is “Something for Cactus Throat” which is a mixture of copper, propolis and Icelandic moss that helps to soothe irritated throats.

Something simpler is the Wild Nutrition Immune Support supplement which comes in the form of pills.

Lastly, there is also the option of nasal sprays, traditionally infused with sea salt but if you fancy something different I recommend the Weleda nasal spray because it has aloe vera in it so it’s more hydrating than the average spray.

Well hope this was helpful in any way!

The Green Edit,
Melanie Christou