Melanie Christou

Hello there beautiful creatures. Let me introduce myself.

I’m Melanie; a true fan of VICE News, passionate about natural and organic skincare, I love to paint on people’s faces, enjoy nothing more than a good camping adventure, I’m a huge advocate of eco-friendly sustainable living, and of course, LOVE a warm bowl of ramen soup.

I am a London based Green Make Up Artist who works in the Fashion industry, doing shoots and fashion shows in London, Paris and Milan. I work exclusively with natural and organic products and I adjust my everyday life to reduce my environmental footprint.

I’m here to write about green beauty and sustainable living, how to be a conscious consumer and beauty lover in the 21st century. The “Green Edit with Melanie Christou” will share tips and tricks on exactly how to do that.

Melanie x

Katerina Soteriou

Many would say that me and make up are a rather “odd” combination as I am not your “regular makeup from top to bottom kinda’ girl”. On a daily basis you will either find me teaching English in the mornings to a bunch of international students at English in Cyprus or struggling my way through the city’s streets in the afternoons trying to get my two daughters from place to place.

Nearing the big 4.0. I’m mum to a teenager which is not an easy job. Her demands don’t meet my demands and younger sister is following suit. Endless arguments, bickering and tears are part of our daily routine so in order to keep my sanity I decided to take up a makeup course at The Make Up Pro by Barbara Nikolakaki in Limassol. Truth be said, this decision was not impulsive, the reality is, I have always been fascinated with different looks and effects and what makeup products essentially do. I always tried to follow instructions from online tutorials to duplicate looks so taking up lessons was bound to happen sooner or later.

I will never forget the first time I bought Prep + Prime Lip by MAC and showed it off to a couple of friends. They couldn’t stop laughing at me saying it was just another lip balm and that I was wasting my money. Well, little did they know that the specific product does its own share of wonders before lipstick application! So that was my turning point. After that I set out to replace all my preowned makeup products with new, more upmarket ones, started following famous makeup artists and lastly took up makeup classes at one of the best makeup schools in Limassol.

When Maria suggested doing a makeup insert for the Beauty section I thought “Yeah, why not?!”. I am not an expert but I like to think that I know my way around makeup and I can definitely give you some advice on products I like most myself. So follow me on a makeup journey and let’s have some colouring fun!

Eleni Savvides

Hi! I’m Eleni Savvides and I’m 33 years old! Mum of two and owner of NYXI NYXI, Beauty Lounge I couldn’t be happier.

Always wanting to pursue a career in beauty, it took me a bit of a detour to get there. But I did and I’m enjoying every second. Coming from a family of accountants, I finished school and went on to study Economics and Finance at University. My passion though was always Aesthetics, skincare and anything to do with beauty. I began pursuing my dream by going back to college where I became a certified beautician. Educating myself in every way possible I attended seminars and workshops in Cyprus and abroad.

It was in Greece that I struck up a partnership with NYXI NYXI, Beauty Lounge. A spa that offers services from head to toe and generally all things beauty.

I absolutely love my job, which I prefer to call a hobby with benefits! I make sure I’m regularly updated on what’s new and effective and I look forward to keeping you posted too. Remember I am here to answer anything beauty you need!