Maria Thomas

WMC’s founder, journalist, writer, editor

Born and raised in the UK, I moved to Cyprus at 11 years old. After completing my GCSE’s at Secondary school in Limassol I finished my schooling off in the UK where I did my 4 A levels, I then continued my studies at University and came back to CY where I started teaching immediately at my mother’s English school.

My current state of affairs is that of a 39-year-old married woman with 3 beautiful children- boy girl boy. Part time teacher, full time taxi driver and now blogger.

I write posts on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and edit the rest! My team and I are here to keep you in the loop, inspire and entertain you!

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Fotis Chrysochos

Hello everybody! I am Fotis, a passionate, optimistic, driven individual. I believe that the existing system and society’s “problems” push people to towards negativity so I have made it my life’s mission to shift our focus to the positives of life.

I am a certified Life and Financial coach, member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and a full time husband to an amazing wife.

Ever since I remember I have always been the “odd” one out plainly due to my (sometimes) annoying optimism and positive outlook on things. This lead me to my current career path of Life Coaching and empowering people since I believe that with a few simple ways, people can succeed at anything they put their mind to but most importantly improve their quality of life one step at a time.

I’m here to talk about the simple things, which although are often neglected, are the essentials of living a more fulfilled, successful and ultimately happy life! My tips, positive outlook and support will keep you company and brighten up your perspective in order to uplift your mood and hence your life on a daily basis!

Hope you enjoy!



Katerina Soteriou

Many would say that me and make up are a rather “odd” combination as I am not your “regular makeup from top to bottom kinda’ girl”. On a daily basis you will either find me teaching English in the mornings to a bunch of international students at English in Cyprus or struggling my way through the city’s streets in the afternoons trying to get my two daughters from place to place.

Nearing the big 4.0. I’m mum to a teenager which is not an easy job. Her demands don’t meet my demands and younger sister is following suit. Endless arguments, bickering and tears are part of our daily routine so in order to keep my sanity I decided to take up a makeup course at The Make Up Pro by Barbara Nikolakaki in Limassol. Truth be said, this decision was not impulsive, the reality is, I have always been fascinated with different looks and effects and what makeup products essentially do. I always tried to follow instructions from online tutorials to duplicate looks so taking up lessons was bound to happen sooner or later.

I will never forget the first time I bought Prep + Prime Lip by MAC and showed it off to a couple of friends. They couldn’t stop laughing at me saying it was just another lip balm and that I was wasting my money. Well, little did they know that the specific product does its own share of wonders before lipstick application! So that was my turning point. After that I set out to replace all my preowned makeup products with new, more upmarket ones, started following famous makeup artists and lastly took up makeup classes at one of the best makeup schools in Limassol.

When Maria suggested doing a makeup insert for the Beauty section I thought “Yeah, why not?!”. I am not an expert but I like to think that I know my way around makeup and I can definitely give you some advice on products I like most myself. So follow me on a makeup journey and let’s have some colouring fun!

Nicole Hadjikyriakou

Hey! I’m Nicole, 25 years old, mid 20’s moving swiftly towards the big 3-0! I’m a hopeless romantic, lover of the truth, huge fan of positivity, a major supporter of the idea that you can achieve whatever you set your mind on but above all, I am a true believer of the art of wine.

From a young age I’ve been lucky to taste and explore wines from all over the world through our family-owned company, SPECTUS which Specializes in importing fine wines, noble spirits and exquisite chocolates. Even though wine is second nature to me I’m still amazed at the story behind every label. Wine should be two things: true and honest, for both the winemakers and the consumers.

Through this column then, I hope you will join me in exploring this infinite world of wine and fine spirits, and together, educate ourselves in obtaining an understanding on how to drink, enjoy and identify our taste preferences. Stay tuned and always, strike for a glass half full in every aspect! Santé, Cheers & Yiamas!  

Nicole for SPECTUS 

Stefanos Thrasivoulides

Hi! I’m Stefanos, 28 and the proud owner of Kinetic Fitness Studio.  Growing up in a family of sport lovers and athletes, it was less than inevitable that I would follow the lead.

Ever since I can remember sports and athletic training have been a fundamental part of my life. I graduated from University of Thessaly with a BSc in Sports Science and Physical Education specialising in Basketball in my final year. Coming from a background of professional Basketball players and coaches explains my major!  

For the past 6 years, I’ve worked as a gymnast for professional football teams, a personal trainer in several gyms and hotels and as a swimming instructor. Today I work at my own gym Kinetic Fitness Studio as a personal trainer to a variety of age groups and individuals who come from different backgrounds and environments. Despite working with so many different individuals, I have always found a way to get the best results for each of my clients, always developing a personal relationship with each of them!

I believe that through exercise people find motivation, support and most importantly health.  Where there is WILL there is always POWER.

Let’s Super our Sundays together,

Stefanos Thrasivoulides

Andrea Savvidou

I am the kind of person who is always on the run.  I brush my teeth while I make my coffee, I prepare my gym clothes while I try to clean up the mess out of my room and I reply to emails when I’m stuck in traffic.  I’m always up for drinks, regardless of the time, and I can assure you that the conversation topics will vary so that none of us gets bored.

My daily schedule is quite busy, I must say, and I guess this made me the organising freak I am today.  I want to have things done in the easiest, quickest and most efficient way possible, so google search is literally my best friend. I try to meet all my deadlines and just be on time, but my friends, my beautician and my hairdresser know that no matter how hard I try, I won’t make it on time for our appointment – bless them for their patience!

I appreciate a good sense of humour and I believe that little tips and secrets shouldn’t be kept to yourself only. So, when Maria suggested writing the “How to” section on WMC, I said ‘yes’ right away! I was absolutely thrilled that I’d be sharing with WMC readers all my little secrets on how to make your life easier.

I hope you enjoy it!

Melanie Christou

Hello there beautiful creatures. Let me introduce myself.

I’m Melanie; a true fan of VICE News, passionate about natural and organic skincare, I love to paint on people’s faces, enjoy nothing more than a good camping adventure, I’m a huge advocate of eco-friendly sustainable living, and of course, LOVE a warm bowl of ramen soup.

I am a London based Green Make Up Artist who works in the Fashion industry, doing shoots and fashion shows in London, Paris and Milan. I work exclusively with natural and organic products and I adjust my everyday life to reduce my environmental footprint.

I’m here to write about green beauty and sustainable living, how to be a conscious consumer and beauty lover in the 21st century. The “Green Edit with Melanie Christou” will share tips and tricks on exactly how to do that.

Melanie x

Christina Economides

Hi, I’m Christina. I’m a mother of two, a person that looks on the bright side of life, and a clinical dietitian, although saying that I’m not your average one you come across! I don’t believe that calories are the A to Z or that you need low fat foods to reach your target weight.

I am also a writer! Last year I published my second nutrition book, “Anticancer – The Preventive Power of Food”. I have a passion for constantly learning the latest in the science of nutrition. Writing my book was a way to share my knowledge with the world, and it has since become my mission to help prevent as many cancer cases as possible, as cancer can be prevented and we can shape our future health with our food and lifestyle choices.  

I have an M.Sc. in Nutritional Medicine and a passion for holistic health and holistic medicine. I believe that the food we eat is the key for helping us grow, live and age healthily. I am also fascinated by the medicinal power of herbs and I increasingly use them in my healing nutritional protocols. This year I am very excited about taking lessons on the health properties of herbs, you will hear it all!  

Food can be our Medicine! Clean, real, unprocessed food can taste great and nourish our body & mind and when needed, it can help us treat and reverse most diseases of our times.

I look forward to sharing the latest nutrition trends, tips & recipes with you to help you live a healthy and happy life!

Christina x

Natassa Stylianou

Hello everyone!

I’m Natassa or as my friends like to call me ‘Natasoui’, mum of a 6-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl.

An English teacher and a part-time lecturer, my friends say that I’m restless as I always have something going on. I have a bachelor degree in English Language, Masters in TEFL and I’m proud to say that after 6 years of researching, I’ve completed my PhD. I am also a qualified Teacher Trainer, oral examiner and I’ve recently published my first e-book! Yep, learning all the time, that’s the name of my game!

Motivation is my area of expertise and this is what you will be reading mostly about; how to motivate yourselves with simple things as parents and individuals. After studying about motivation and how it actually influences us not only in terms of our academic progress but in our everyday lives, I’ve come to realise that we as adults also need to keep ourselves motivated in everything we do.

Being a Capricorn I must say that I truly represent my zodiac sign! 😊 time and responsibility are really important to me although with two young kids in the house that doesn’t always seem to work.

When it comes to ‘me’ time during the day, that means shopping, reading books, listening to music, enjoying a nice glass of wine-or even two- but most importantly travelling. Travelling gives me the motivation to learn more about other cultures, become a better person, a better mum and wife.
Hope you enjoy my blogs


Natassa xx


‘Imagine how a music melody begins. We have the introduction, the refrain, the so-called 'bridge' where the song tones-up in rhythm or sound in order to express the meaning or substance. Finally there's the 'finale' where the music fades-out slowly or suddenly.’

This is how I’d describe the world of Interior Design. Interior Architecture is a melodic and harmonious mixture of elements like practicality, functionality, aesthetic quality and comfort which upgrade our way of living. It is a dynamic profession that characterizes and defines the purity in form and volume, as well as balancing the harmony of colors. Our living and working environment, where we laugh, cry, get mad and feel, must inspire and express ourselves firstly.

Born in beautiful Limassol, I’ve always had an extensive interest and admiration in design, arts and music. After receiving my BA in Interior Design in London, I followed my heart and moved to Milan Italy where I was inspired by important design personalities. I started thinking ‘outside of the box’ which lead to an overload of ideas. The work experience I gained from Milan as well as in Cyprus when returning home, granted me the necessary capabilities and knowledge. This experience lead me to introduce my own studio NI-Interiors in 2011 and launch my collection of customized furniture designs named Euphoria Furniture in 2013.

Being a mother of my beautiful boy, a wife of an amazing man and a founder of my design firm and bespoke furniture, I couldn’t be happier. Through my ‘Tip of the Day’, I look forward to sharing with you a few simple thoughts regarding design and interiors that just might make your environment a warmer, brighter, happier place!

Chara Ardanitou

A Scorpio, born and raised in Limassol, I'm as my zodiac states, an efficient multi tasker! This helps explain my ‘Mummy's Healthy Kitchen’ Instagram page even though by profession I am a graphic designer/ illustrator, ‘Chara Ardanitou Illustration’. On 7/11/18 I became a mother to my little treasure Marilyn, the youngest Scorpio of the family and trust me, you don't ‘wanna mess’ with her! She's the one who inspired me to start this tasty,healthy food journey. Thanks to her, I’m discovering and learning things I would never have imagined learning before and that's the most exciting part about being a mum! I'm lucky enough to have a partner who is a clinical dietitian so everything I cook for Marilyn is approved by him and of course.

I'm always asking for his nutritional advice before I create a new recipe. If you’re new at the baby and toddler phase I’m hereto give you new mummies (ok, not only) ideas and tips on what yummy creations you can come up with. Your feedback is important to me and so is the sharing part so let’s all reveal the fun side to cooking and baking together. Follow me on this journey and jot down some delicious recipes for toddlers and kids too!

Grab those kitchen tools, get baking, get cooking, get sharing!

Chara x

Marina Georgallides

I’m Marina — a food blogger and recipe developed based in London. I cultivated my love and enthusiasm for food when I first learned of my IBS in 2016. I was told I’d need to follow a diet called ‘low fodmap’ which, in simple terms, means that I need to avoid foods such as gluten, milk, garlic and onions. Since then, I’ve been on journey to find as many ways to make food as varied, delicious and easy as possible for people who are also free-from.

Marina Georgallides