Are you the stay-in-order-food-watch-movie-on-a-Saturday type, during winter?

If that’s a YES, then you are just like me! (a moment of silence for my friends who think that I can do this for a living, and not only during cold winter months)

Well, what’s so bad having the ultimate in comfort food paired with a cheesy rom-com and a bottle of Chardonnay? I say: Nothing! Quite the opposite in fact!

101 with a few ideas:

  • Sandwiches – Easy peasy! Since the beginning of time!

Either a tuna melt, chicken salad or even grilled cheese, these simple sandwiches have hidden amounts of flavour. So, they rightfully deserve a special drink!

Sparkling wines work perfectly with salty, crispy and buttery foods such us a full-on-fat grilled cheese sandwich. I’d say go for a Cava, or if you are the daring type choose rosé (still or sparkling). No matter what your choice of cheese, rosé will most certainly work well due to its mix of red-white-wine characteristics – fruitiness and acidity, respectively.

For a tuna or chicken sandwich, go for a simple straightforward, fresh Pinot Grigio or Verdejo from Spain. Their citrusy, melony notes in combination with their crisp acidity, will give a beautiful balance which can evolve a simple toastie, to a 5* meal.

  • Soups put the heart at ease

Baby, it’s getting cold outside but no matter what, I’m always in for a bowl flavour-full!

Be adventurous: Go with a rich mushroom or even chestnut soup!

Be fierce: Go with a crispy, fresh Champagne, an oaked, high acidic Bordelaise Sauvignon Blanc or an aromatic Viognier.

  • Macaroni and Cheese, do I need to say more?

A rich, creamy classic!

I’d recommend a more acidic, slightly sweet wine to complement it as well as to cut through the richness and cleanse the palate between bites.

Choose a Sancerre from Loire Valley because of its refreshing acidity and honeyed notes or an aged Chardonnay from Burgandy for its creamy, buttery texture. If you are in for a red, choose a light bodied one, maybe, Beaujolais or Grenache.

  • Let’s have dessert as main course

What’s more comforting than ice cream, straight from its box? Nada!

Pair it with a light bodied, highly aromatic, sweet and delicious Moscato d’Asti!

If you are a chocoholic like myself, then pair your straight-out-of-the-oven chocolate souffle, with a Port, from Portugal – one of the world’s greatest iconic wines or a Tokaji, from Hungary (aka the king of wines or the wine for the king)!

Tokaji pairs beautifully with almost all types of chocolate desserts, whereas Port is an excellent pair to dark chocolate due to its smooth, round texture, velvety tannins and rich, elegant and concentrated aromas. 

It is without a doubt that sometimes a little comfort food can go a long way. Go on, be a little extra and give the above combinations a try! 😊

See you next week!

Cheers, Santé and Yiamas..

Until then.. Strike for a glass half full !

Nicole x