As we are approaching the festive season I thought I’d show you different options that you may not have thought about before and cool sustainable products that undoubtedly will be a conversation starter at gatherings.

So traditionally we tend to think of festive make up as either a  ‘gold eyes-red lips’, or ‘dark smokey eyes and nude lips’ situation, which is cool and nothing wrong with that but if you want to have a bit more fun than that you definitely can! You can use biodegradable glitter for example, natural liquid lipsticks as eyeliners, fun colours as eyeshadows, the possibilities are endless! If you don’t like experimenting with make up and you like the classic “Christmas look”, then I have something for you too.

Let me show you some examples:

Classic smokey eye… with a twist

I love a classic smokey eye but they don’t all have to be the same. You could add different colours or textures and transform the look  into something a bit more unique. Or if you are keeping it classic, then make sure your skin looks like skin, with not too much foundation contouring and powders, keep it fresh and alive, then the whole look will look a lot more modern.

Glitter… but wearable
I know what you are thinking, there are make up looks that work in real life and those that work just in shoots, and I agree,  but it all depends on how you do it. You don’t have to cover your eyes in glitter if you don’t feel comfortable with it but you can add a hint of it and still feel festive. I like the brand Eco Stardust for biodegradable glitter.

Dark and Vampy…Reinvented

This is my kind of Christmas make up. I like dark lips and almost nothing on the eyes, paired with a super fresh base. You can make this look go down the grungy road also if this is your vibe.  Try the Kosas dark lipsticks.

Expensive skin… with blush

“Expensive skin” and “Blushed as if you were in the cold” are references that are used a lot backstage and on runways. It’s a very underestimated look as it doesn’t have strong lips or eyes but in my opinion it’s equally worthy as any of the above looks. I think it’s super chic to show up at a party with the most amazing skin, I like the simplicity of it. Don’t be fouled that it’s too easy; this look requires a good facial massage and treatment masks before you even start the make up.

Happy holidays!

The Green Edit