Milan design week 2021

Milan Design week 2021, the first after the pandemic, brought back life, design and creation! Designers were desperately longing for fresh materials, ideas and furniture and the Milan Fair has rendered back many beautiful ones, which will inspire intensely.

Look at the work and furniture of Marcel Wanders.As one of the most famous designers of our time, he proved himself again with his latest project alongside Italian mosaic tile company Bisazza. The ‘Pebbles Tables’ are definitely set to give a whole new meaning to modern coffee tables. The new trend that’s been coming and going with colorful coffee tables can only be considered unique, one-of-a-kind and exciting, especially when signed by a designer like Wanders. These beauties can be used as coffee tables or low stools.

This partnership between Marcel Wanders and Bisazza isn’t new in any way, seen as both of them have been working for 15 years. The launch of the Pebbles collection was a way to celebrate the anniversary of this collaboration.

It essentially consists of a series of tables from a limited collection design, available in 14 different floral designs. All of these wonderful tables are handmade, perfectly blending with Marcel Wanders’ style and Dutch decorative tradition. You can find a series of colourful patterns such as scarlet, Delft blue, peach pink and gold.

In regards to the partnership, Marcel Wanders has stated:

“Bisazza’s affinity for beauty with just the right amount of innovation is in perfect alignment with our goal of uplifting the human spirit and bringing the human touch back to design. Together, we make the world less boring.”

If you look into this brand new collection you will be able to pick from 33 small (24 inches long and with a weight of around 23 pounds) and 19 large (43 inches long and about 93 pounds in weight) Pebbles tables. These tables by Bisazza and Marcel Wanders are available at this moment at the brand’s showroom in New York City and also in their new flagship store located at heart of Milan’s Brera district which opened last month during Milan Design Week 2019.The flagship store has more than 2,000 square feet and has a set of large windows that allow many tourists passing by to have a look at this exquisite new set from Marcel Wanders, as well as other amazing collections from this Italian mosaic brand, specifically their Mosaico, Cementiles, Wood and Marmo collections. You will be able to see this brand’s best collections for yourself at: Via Solferino, 22, 20121 Milano MI.

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Nicole Ioannides Varnava–