If you haven’t been using a primer under your makeup, then you surely don’t know what you ‘re missing! Seriously, primers are a kind of ‘must’ as they do much more than just prep the skin for foundation. There are so many different primers on the market and all of them have a different role to play. From smoothing out fine lines to reducing pore size, the primer is a life saver.
The initial role of a primer is to create the ideal base for your foundation. Whether you want to keep your regime basic or not, a primer will combat any underlying issue you might be facing; shine, enlarged pores or even skin discoloration, a primer is your answer.
Below you will find the main benefits of using a primer (face, eyes and lips):
1. Your foundation lasts much longer with no need for touch ups! Primer acts as a base and gives the foundation something to ‘stick’ on. It also is a barrier between your skin and foundation to help reduce breakouts and clogged pores.

2. Primer creates a smooth base, reducing imperfections and fine lines while at the same time fills in any large pores that might be visible. The best kind of primer would be a silicone based one that is colourless and doesn’t block any pores.

3. A primer can mattify oily areas as it acts as a sponge soaking up any excess sebum which results in a long lasting flawless look.

4. If you have any problems with discolouration, then a colour correcting primer will solve the problem. It will even-out the discoloration and allow the foundation to glide on using the right amount and not having to paste it on largely over the problem area.

5. Primers can also help drier complexions. If you choose a product with Hyaluronic acid or Glycerine in it then it will boost hydration. (tip for the more mature complexions like mine ♥)

6. With an eye primer your eye shadow will stay put and ultimately last longer. Eye primers help achieve an even eyelid that is easier to work on. Primers stop extensive creasing, therefore no colour breakage! There’s a big difference between broken eyes shadow and a smooth one.

7. Lastly lip primers are another ‘must’ ladies as they help prolong wear of your favourite lipstick colour and tend to prevent feathering.

Till next week ladies