Class mate, dearest friend, talented artist

Growing up with this talented man I would always receive illustrated birthday cards and be given his first paintings as presents which I specifically remember, were centred around Greek Cycladic churches. He would always be sketching and doodling on anything and everything which explains why illustration is his love. Captivated by the Greek islands, it is no wonder he moved to Greece after university establishing himself as a well –known artist in Athens 15 years ago.

Who is Phillipos in brief?

Someone who expresses himself daily, usually scribbling and doing some sort of illustration on anything that can be drawn on.  A curious soul.

Do you have a mentor?

No I don’t but I get constant inspiration from various artists old and new.

How would you categorize your art?

I would describe it as abstract with pop elements blended with postmodern culture.

How has your artwork evolved over the years?

It started off with paintings until I started experimenting with illustration but come to think of it I’ve been illustrating from day one. Over the last couple of years, I have blended the two forms together and that has resulted in art that is more representative of myself and my personal style.

Apart from your paintings and illustrations what else have you put together?

Ceramics, murals and illustration on fabric. I enjoy the challenge of doing something new.

What inspires you?

Everyday life, architecture, graphic design, music and fellow artists and illustrators.

How much is your artwork influenced by your personal life?

A lot, one gives to the other, if I am in a good place I’m inspired and work well. I generally try to express myself whatever the circumstances therefore my feelings and thoughts are depicted through my art.

Who are your three favourite painters and why?

I would say Willem de Kooning, Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso. I think they shape my concept of art and they fully complete the idea of art as I conceive it.

Is there anything up the pipeline we should know about?

Lots! I’m not only preparing for a new painting exhibition but finalising my new e shop which will be ready to go live soon. I’ve just finished illustrating two books for a Greek publishing house and in early October I will exhibit drawings I had previously made for a children’s book at the Anassa hotel in Pafos. Follow me on Instagram for updates on my pending projects.


Where is your art work housed?

I have a studio in the centre of Athens where I work and showcase my illustrations and paintings. For more information, visit my websites below or contact me directly.