Every year it’s the same old story with us Thomas’! Present expecting, present buying, last minute Christmas lists (my kids can’t even think of what they really want because they pretty much have everything) present wrapping and ultimately an ungrateful attitude by the end of the present saga on Christmas day. Which of course, leaves mum and dad fuming that all this Christmas manic spending went to waste.

Can you relate?

Whether or not you have children and whether or not they are at the age where they believe in Santa, Christmas conjures up magical, warm, cosy, fuzzy feelings of staying at home, cuddling up in front of the telly and drinking a hot something in a Christmas mug. Saying that, every year this magic loses its essence because of the pressures of this blasted ‘expensive’ present buying and I have come to dread it. This year, after being told about this Pre -Christmas box I decided to follow in my friend Lydia’s footsteps last night and concentrate on the Christmas lead up rather than Christmas itself. And it worked because my Clan least expected it. I presented them with their Pre- Christmas bag of goodies and they utterly loved it, from the oldest to the youngest.

Their Christmas goodie bag contained:

A pair of Christmas pyjamas.

A jar of Nutella (no one ever empties the Nutella jar in our home)A Spoon (mine always disappear)A Packet of chocsA beauty goodie.

All the gifts were simply symbolic, thoughtful, not requested but so exciting especially on a random Sunday evening at home.

What can I say? Not only did they love everything they took out of their bag, they didn’t put their PJ’s in the washing basket but instead wore them immediately! That totally proves my point.

Apart from catching them off guard last night, they weren’t razzle dazzled with tons of presents under the tree and this made them pay attention and enjoy the thought of every one given to them last night. 

At least our December will find us all sitting on the sofa in our Christmas PJs looking and feeling Christmas cheesy!

Maria x