Ok, so we love a bit of red on our lips, right? Some more, others less! But how many times have you felt uncomfortable with the annoying mark it leaves on your glass! Arggg… In today’s article we’ll give you a few tips that will definitely make your life easier when flaunting your favourite red shade!

5 astonishing tips to make your lips transfer-proof:

1. Lip Liner

One of the best ways to make your lips and your lips’ colour stand out is by wearing a lip liner. Apply it before lipstick application and it will stay put. Drier in texture, wearing lipliner can also prevent the transferring of your lipstick.

2. Lip Primer
Use a lip primer. Lip primers help prepare the lips by creating a flawless base and the ingredients in most lip primers increase the durability of your lipsticks as well as prevent transferring.

3. Blot
Apply a thin layer of your lipstick and before repeating it, blot between applications with a clean tissue paper. Then apply a second layer to seal in the colour. Remember not to do it too harshly as you run the risk of removing your lipstick entirely…oops! You can also do it in a discrete manner before taking your first sip to ensure that the colour will stay in tacked.

4. Use foundation and powder
Put some foundation over your lips, let it dry then pat some face powder ontop. This trick is another simple yet effective way to seal your lipstick. After applying your lipstick, take your compact or translucent powder and with a large brush dust it all over your lips to set your lipstick.

5. Lick your glass
Try licking your glass stealthily. Our saliva creates a kind of film which in turn acts as a barrier between the glass and lipstick. But make sure no one is watching you as the discomfort that would follow if someone saw you lick your glass overthrows your initial purpose (!)

Till next week ladies…