The ‘daily fix’ is dedicated to those of you who, like me, need more hours in a day.

Wherever we need to get to, we like to look fresh, rested and glowing! Cleanse your face, apply your creams and SPF, leave to absorb for about 5’ (get dressed in the meantime) and  follow these steps for a daily quick fix!

Step 1

Apply a tinted moisturiser. I use my NUDE FINISH TINTED MOISTURIZER SPF 15 by Bobbi Brown. I have been using this product for about a month now and I absolutely love it. It works well with my moisturizer and it doesn’t weigh me down at all. If you like natural makeup, then you need to try this! Otherwise you can use a BB cream which offers the same kind of coverage.

Step 2

Concealer if needed. If I have any blemishes I like to use SKIN FOUNDATION STICK by Bobbi Brown. This product covers, doesn’t dry up the problem area and leaves the skin healthy and moisturised.

Step 3

Blusher time! I then continue by applying some colour on my cheeks. I do this with TRUE BRONZE™ PRESSED POWDER BRONZER by Clinique. I have been using this powder since…forever…and I love it. It simply gives me the exact tones I need.

Step 4

Lengthen those eyelashes! Whatever happens…even you if can’t be bothered to do the above, a little mascara goes a long way. If there was a poll for the most popular makeup product, mascara would most likely top the list every time. I use IN EXTREME DIMENSION 3D BLACK LASH MASCARA by Mac. Previous post on Mascara will help you with your choice!

Step 5

Add some sheen to those lips. A simple lip gloss or balm works wonders!

…and you are good to go!