Rachel Green, one of my fashion idols for about as long as I can remember! Although Rachel is whiny and spoiled, she is smart, resourceful and courageous.  Her passion, loyalty, fun, and sparky nature appeals to everyone but most importantly to this article she is one chic ultra-feminine lady. Thanks Kyri for GETTING me hooked back then!

Rachel Green is also synonymous with the hairstyle that legitimately rocked the 90s – the hairstyle I always longed for and tried to mimic but this post is all about my favourite iconic fashion choices made by Rach — and how she’s back in the game! (fashion is cyclical, the 90’s are here to stay, and a great pair of overalls will never go out of style!)


The black tee, the white tee

A classic style staple that is always a win win! Rachel loved hers!

Denim shorteralls

Fashion. Is. Cyclical. And Rachel Green’s love for short overalls is proof of that. Chiara Ferragni is currently rocking something similar on Instagram! Shorteralls are TOTALLY in again! Perfect for errands without the jacket, but the jacket and/or oversized shirt adds a little something to give it that nostalgic edge.

That plaid skirt, cropped turtleneck, and knee socks look (cute, or what?)

Early Rachel wore this look the day she lost Ross’s monkey Marcel when she was Coffee Shop Rachel. She literally ran around the city, lounged around her own apartment, and literally pet-sat a monkey in this outfit. If she can look this schoolgirl-chic to do all that, you can certainly wear it to do just about anything.

Cute Laundry girl

Rachel had never done laundry before, so Ross takes her to the laundromat to teach her. This outfit is one of the first that Rachel wears to show off her new ~low maintenance~ self — and these pieces are totally back in style. Tied shirt at the waist + culottes? PERFECTION.

She knew the meaning of ‘dress to kill’

In Season 4, “The One with Rachel’s New Dress,” she wore her ‘fab’ negligée dress on a date! ( well, she kinda had to) We would so wear that now with a thick knit on top!

And look at this black number in Season 5:

The red plaid pants that RG owns.

Home girl Rachel LOVES her plaid. You can modernize this look with an updated silhouette, a cheeky tee, and some denim around your waist.

I’d become a coffee shop waitress if it meant I’d look this hot in denim and skirts

When thinking of Rachel Green, this is the look I’m sure a lot of people picture. It was the perfect blend of quirky and sexy, and it was actually super attainable. Mix some 90s-nostalgia denim with a skirt, tights, and booties — and it’s done!

Oversized perfection

I think I would’ve really thrived in the 90’s as an adult because I wear all my  sweatshirts big like this. So stylish! The end!

THAT yellow dress

Ok, this dress seemed wayyy too formal for a random first date back then but hey, look, yellow is one of the colours of the season.

Boss Rachel is the best Rachel

This woman knows her way around a white button-up. Add a little spice to your office wardrobe with a mix of skirts, jackets, and shoes. Easy!

But yummy mummy Rachel is also a GREAT Rachel

I just love Mum Rachel’s sweater collection. Her style got a lot more practical once she had a baby! Totally get you Rache!