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If you’ve been feeling blasé about your hair lately, you might consider changing  your look. It’s a whole new season and that means it’s time for some new hair, especially after our 2 month lock down! Every few months, a fresh set of haircuts becomes, for lack of a better word, trendy. And now, we need it more than ever! This doesn’t mean they’re completely new and you’ve never seen them before. Just like hair-colour trends, some of these styles have been “in” at one time or another, and some (most) never really went “out” at all. Before going into quarantine, certain cuts were everywhere — on celebrities, street style stars, and Instagram babes and so now it’s time to take the cut!

Scroll down and get inspired!

Long Bangs

 Longer bangs will accent the cheekbones or nose.

The Rachel

No cut defined the late ‘90s and early ’00s like “The Rachel,” Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle on Friends. It’s all about the layers here, plus a good blow-dry so sections are smooth and curled under. 


Curled ends are definitely trending now, whether they’re flipped in or flipped up. 

Modern Shag

It’s sexy, strong, and flattering. Try a shag with or without a strong fringe that is cut away into long or short hair, following a hybrid of the mullet and the shag. This look works for curly hair, straight hair, long, mid-length, and even shorter hair.

Short Bangs

2020’s bangs aren’t baby bangs and they aren’t curtain bangs. They sit just right above the eyebrows, making them a bit shorter than previous trendy styles.

The New Pixie

2020’s take on pixie cuts are either super short or just a bit longer than normal. There’s no in-between here.



One Length

Being blunt is 2020’s good friend

The New Bob

Though it felt like every celebrity got a bob in 2019, the short cut is here to stay and I love it!