The situation we are living in finds us in an upsetting, uncomfortable, distressing and scary state. I feel for you all and I can only wish and hope for better days to come. Stay strong and have faith that good things are coming.

What we are experiencing is unknown to us all. However, I truly believe that even in such times we have the power, even a small ounce of it, to get back on our feet, start being productive again, start living gracefully and being genuinely happy.

Saying that there’s an easy trap to fall into that we need to be aware of. And that’s called procrastination. The problem with avoidance is that it always comes with a price. It could end up having an impact on friendships, relationships even careers. So, here are my thoughts that I hope will help you during this difficult period:

Don’t overthink it. Be more than your moods to get things done. Life has taken a nasty hit on us but it does not stop there. It’s entirely up to us to figure out what to do next and just go for it.

Let it be a lesson. Embrace this difficult period and come out from it stronger. I bet you have learnt to deal with your emotions and possibly cultivated your skills (cooking, gardening, reading, DIYing, music)  to new levels and there is only a positive upside from here on out.

Do it with friends. Whatever it is you are thinking of restarting or just starting out, social interaction in all forms is a blessing. Whether it’s blowing off some steam on a friendly chat, or even planning out action steps with a friend/spouse/relative can and will be a key factor in your future path.

Be a beacon of light for others. This period is hard for all of us. By getting back on your feet you are encouraging others to do so. Trust me, we all need beacons of light to lift us back up and inspire us.

Stay safe and keep strong!

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” —Nelson Mandela