Knowing that we need to keep makeup brushes clean and disinfected, have you ever considered sanitizing your actual makeup? Read on because it’s time to keep all your favourite products in tiptop form!  All you need is some rubbing alcohol and a spray bottle.

Tip: the higher the % of alcohol the less presence of water in it which translates to rapid evaporation which is more favourable since makeup is generally water sensitive.

As a general rule it is best not to keep any makeup products in your bathroom as this makes them vulnerable to unpleasant contamination mainly because of humidity. Instead store them in a dry area and only take them to the bathroom when you’re actually using them. If you see any mould forming, chances are your product has ‘expired’ and it is best to chuck it out!

For products which fall under the category of solids such as lipsticks, multipurpose sticks and pencils the best way to sanitise them is by wiping off or sharpening a layer and then dipping them directly into alcohol before letting them dry fully.

Powder products have a much lower risk of bacterial overgrowth or contamination but nonetheless if you feel like sanitising them your best option is to scrape off the top layer (hmm…) or even better just spritz the powder directly with your alcohol and let it air-dry.

Mascaras and lip glosses are a tad trickier. Since they typically have a water base to give them a more fluid consistency, this makes them more vulnerable to bacterial growth and mould.  What you can do is either add a very small amount of alcohol into the container or if you don’t feel comfortable doing that then add a drop of alcohol onto the applicator. Be careful with how much alcohol you use because if you go overboard you run the risk of changing the texture of the product or even irritating your skin/eyes. An easier way to disinfect it is to leave it overnight in the freezer – this kills off any kind of bacteria.

The last piece of advice is knowing when you need to get rid of expired products. I know it may sound ridiculous to toss away a fave lipstick but trust me – the hiccups an old product can cause are definitely not worth it. Make sure you look for expiration dates, colour separation in pigmented liquids or even a change in texture and lastly check how they actually smell. If something smells off, well tough luck, that means the product is ready for replacement!

‘Till next time…