Are you school 2021 ready? I said I was but I seem to be drowning myself in donuts from the amount of pressure my kids and their timetables are putting on me!

Starting from their bedrooms which need a from top to bottom decluttering in order to make space for anything academically new, I realised that my number 3’s school bag might even have a mouldy sandwich in it as it has remained untouched from the day he came home, back in June.. I know, there’s no excuse. I hate to think of what my teenagers left inside theirs!

School uniforms need to be found, checked for size and bought and that’s the only thing they aren’t moaning about. Their school shoes which have come to be trainers need to be decided on which is a nightmare because they thought I’d say yes to a pair of Jordans! Yeah right! What planet are they on? Can’t they just get a pair of white trainers already? The answer is no! They would have also settled for the Nike Air Force ones which mummy dearest said yes to buying but because they are sold out they have resorted to not buying any. Their problem! I have decided I don’t care, they can make do with what they’ve got. What’s more, I’ve put my Whatsapp chats with these teens of mine on mute because I am bombarded with everything that pops into their head that they think they need to make them school ready! I keep telling them that Santa still has another four months to go!

I am sugar overdosing big time! To put you in the picture even more, their long stationary list is made up of doubles and triples of everything, which of course we already have stashed in the cupboard! Can’t they just check what we’ve already got at home? Is that too much to ask for?  My daughter could open up a bookshop with the amount of things piled up in her headquarters.

School runs have started to be pencilled in on the noticeboard and I’ve realised mummy cloning is the only way forward unless someone (fairy godmother, grandparent, friend) comes to the rescue!

I’m deffo feeling pressured and overwhelmed and serves me right! We’ve left everything to the last minute! School buying, timetable fixing, vaccination doing, hair cutting, and everything else doing for when school strikes back! Do you get me?

Maria x