Did you know Mauritius is surrounded by a blue lagoon, which is encircled by coral reefs ?This magnificent barrier acts as protection to a large variety of marine species which contribute to the complexity of the lagoons eco system. The coral reef buffers shorelines against waves, creating calm, shallow waters that also keep unwanted fish at bay.

Ok, so where do I begin? The people, the landscape, the sea, the culture, the food? This island hosts i some of the best things I have ever experienced.

To even think I was reluctant to go sounds potty but it’s true. I came up with so many  different excuses as to why I shouldn’t accompany hubs. The kids, their afternoon activities, the flight, the fact that I’m no water baby, fear of the unknown and last but not least the Coronavirus!

Some told me I would like it, others were nonchalant; I certainly did not expect to fall in love with this island. I have to say this is not your stay-in-one-place type of resort even though it was spectacular! People associate Mauritius with sun, sea and honeymooning but that is truly a very small part. Even if this is one of the go-to destinations for honeymooners there is still so much more to this precious jewel than to while away your time under a beach umbrella.

Googling, asking around and reading reviews on resorts, we decided to go for Constance Prince Maurice on the east side of the island. Although not renowned for its beach, this resort had us drooling . Small in room capacity, large in grounds and the only one on the island with suites on stilts, this hotel dazzled us with its amazing hospitality, fine dining and interiors. Absolutely exquisite!

When thinking of Mauritius the first thing that comes to mind are the sugar canes. Maybe it’s also because I was so impressed with what they are used for. Covering the island in a soft, feathered 50 shades of green, they are used to feed cattle, make roofs, rum, bio fuel and of course sugar!  They were really beautiful to look at! We either walked, cycled or drove our way through them!

We visited Il le surf, lunched on the beach, went to Chamarel, prayed in Grand Bassin, took photos of mountains and waterfalls and were lucky enough to experience two festivals. Cavadee and the first day of fasting of the Mahashirati festival! We got our holy water and our Raksha sutres, made acquaintances and generally felt the warm welcome from everyone.

We ended our trip in Port Louis. Situated on the waterfront, it is known for its French colonial architecture and the 19th century Champ de Mars horse- racing track. A hub for local produce and handicrafts, I spent most of my time at the Central market! Strolling up and down searching for bits and pieces and spices for mum that’s where I felt I was one with the locals.

Mauritius a mini, clean India, you captured our heart.