I’ve recently started listening to podcasts whilst driving to work. An awesome, new habit that sets my mood for the day. Jay Shetty,  whose podcasts & videos are highly recommended, is a motivational speaker, author and storyteller who also spent 3 years as a Monk! He focuses on health and wellbeing.

I wanted to tell you the 5 things he states to never do in a rush for 2020

  1. Don’t be addicted to speed. In this hasty, fast paced life, slowing down for decision making, planning and enjoying things can lead to a healthier life.
  2. Slow down for health and happiness. Slow down… Burnout is a real condition with serious consequences.
  3. Do not rush trusting. “Trust takes time to build. Like a bridge,” Jay Shetty. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting hurt or mislead.
  4. Do not make snap judgments or decisions.
  5. Do not eat in a rush. Why? Because it’s much healthier for you, it can lead to you eating fewer calories and food eaten quickly is difficult to digest!

“I really feel that our focus and addiction to speed and doing things instantly is what is creating so many issues in our lives, in our bodies, in our minds, and in our relationships right now,” Jay Shetty

Slowing down and being present are 2 of the most vital skills that I wish upon you for 2020. Just like any skill, with practice and patience, they can be honed. And then, you can enjoy the benefits!