When drinking wine every drop counts but when it comes to wine tasting, it is the one-time spitting wine is appropriate.

You’ll find a lot of people say that it’s ‘cool to spit’ and it is! People tend to get intimated by the idea but it’s so much fun during a wine tasting session! Spitting ensures you don’t get tipsy.

Below, you will find a “how-to-spit-elegantly” guide, that works for me and truth be told, I  learnt  the hard way! 

  1. Pick a nice outfit that will boost your confidence
  2. Hold your glass, from its leg (the right way)
  3. Take a sip, swirl wine in your mouth
  4. Relax! Gather the wine in your mouth, lower your head into the spittoon or grab it close to you while covering your clothes, slightly suck in your cheeks and spit!
  5. Make sure you hold a napkin, as it will work as a “safety-net” and wipe your mouth.

Voilà! A stain free process, with an elegant aftertaste.

So, next time you find yourself in a wine tasting situation, you will know how to handle it.

There are times where wine seems too delicious to spit, I know, therefore drinking is justifiable, so if you’re only tasting a couple of wines, drink up and don’t worry about the spitting!


See you next week!

Until then.. Strike for a glass half full !

Nicole x