Many times we think the more we wash our face the less outbreaks it’s going to have. Well…that’s wrong. Very often we seem to be going overboard with cleansing and this has the tendency to dry out the skin sending oil production into overdrive which unavoidably leads to unwanted breakouts and dull looking skin. Another mistake we often do is scrub 3-4 times a week because we are under the impression this will help the skin breath and unclog. Wrong again as frequent scrubbing (more than once a week) strips skin of its natural oils, subsequently we have that too-tight feeling, dryness, oil overload, and sometimes lasting skin damage.

What I like to do is give my face a good scrub with my favourite Gentle Rose Exfoliator by ELEMIS every Sunday night. This exfoliator is not very abrasive so it doesn’t feel as if I’m scraping off all the necessary oils. If your face wash is a scrub, switch it for a foam cleanser or oil cleanser or even consider soft chemical peel instead of an abrasive formula as this will give you more long term results. I have recently had two softer versions of chemical peels and honestly I have seen results. My skin looks refreshed and renewed and soft wrinkles appear less prominent. If you want more details don’t hesitate to DM us.

Till next week…