I’m always in search for that perfect mascara, as you all are probably quite aware of by now. So it definitely didn’t come as a surprise when a couple of weeks ago Maria and I visited our local beauty shop for a look around

We were looking for a concealer for Maria, when Stefanos, MUA from Urban Decay came up to us and gave a helping hand. He talked us through the brand’s products when suddenly I noticed his lovely long eyelashes! (Yes, that’s how gorgeous they were!) We both bombarded him with the Wh?’s questions. I was delighted to hear that primarily he takes care of his lashes with castor oil (something which I’ve recently started doing  – see  Long a la la Long article) and then he uses two ‘magical’ Urban Decay products! The SUBVERSION Lash Primer and the PERVERSION mascara!

To be honest I’ve never been one to use a primer simply because I can’t really be bothered but boy this primer is a sure game changer! Both products are so easy to apply and they do last all day long without smudging! All you have to do is apply a coat or two of the SUBVERSION Lash Primer, wait for a minute and then apply a couple of coats of PERVERSION mascara and voila you are ready!

Honestly guys, it’s been a long time since I was so impressed with a product…you really need to give it a try! Thank you Urban Decay!

Till next week…