Summer makeup trends (Yey!). I say “get those colourful palettes out people because this summer it’s all about colourful eyes, floating eyeliner, exaggerated lashes and glossy kinda lips!”

Watercolour Shadow

Just like in the art world, watercolour eyeshadow suggests a play of colour but with transparency and fluidity. The colours can be sheer or opaque with the technique being rather simple. Instead of blending darker to lighter shades for a traditional smoky eye, try combining contrasting shades for a more vivid look. Always use a primer over your lids, starting from your brow bone to the root of your lashes which helps your colours stay in place and control their intensity. My favourite is by far Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay because “a little definitely goes a long way”! 

Then, using a flat brush choose your first colour and start! You can place the shadow to any part of your lid but just remember soften the edges with a blending brush to make sure you get that watercolour transparency to it. Then you can add any other colour you choose next to it, making sure you are blending out the edges every time and not overlapping the shades.

Floating eyeliner

Go crazy creating floating eyeliner looks! A floating eyeliner is a graphic line drawn along the crease of the eye, instead of the lash line(!!!) If you are not the eyeshadow type, you can still add colour to your eyes by using all kinds of eyeliners! Nyx definitely has lots of colours for you to choose from and the great thing about them is that they are affordable and extremely lasting! Vivid brights liner by Nyx.

Exaggerated lashes

Lashes are definitely BIG this summer so don’t be afraid to step up your game and pile that mascara on! A real combo winner in the lash game is by far the SUBVERSION/PERVERSION by Urban Decay. If you want to make an even greater impression why not go eyelash falsies. I have tried many brands of false eyelashes but my favourite ones are the Mina Eyelashes for “Catty Look” by Italou Makeup and Beauty. They are half lashes, come in three different styles and are extremely easy to put on.

Glossy ‘kinda’ lips

Summer for me definitely means glossy lips! So, a bit of Lip & Cheek Stain by Benefit and Crystal Lip Gloss by Bobbi Brown is all I need for a hot summer’s night!

And there you have this summer’s makeup trends as suggested by top makeup artists from all over the globe! Keep safe, stay strong and always remember…

Makeup is not a mask

Makeup is art

Makeup is passion

Makeup is expression

Till next week…