Another addiction!!! When you have a best friend that has sunglass mania, inevitably it rubs off. Over the years I’ve realised that if Katerina (one of WMC’s MUA’s) is not with me when I buy a pair, I always get it wrong! Impulse buying, getting easily carried away and not knowing what I want leads to crazy, rash decisions that result in me giving them away or sticking them in the cluttered up ‘don’t-open-this’ drawer because it is guilt ridden and a reminder of my economic blunders. 

Making the most of the sunglass accessory

Buying expensive, designer sunglasses is what I’ve been used to doing annually. And with my impulsive, oops- I -got -it -wrong decision making, I don’t make the most of this accessory. I have recently come to a sane decision that this is not the way to go about it. Sunglasses don’t always need to be expensive! They are an accessory, like a ring or a bracelet – part of an outfit, why limit my choices to expensive brands when I can buy more pairs, have a variety and change them to suit what I am wearing without having to spend a fortune.

Shades are like any other accessory we like to wear so best not to limit ourselves to only one pair when the market has an abundance of reasonably priced choices. It goes without saying that we need to protect our eyes from UVB and UVA rays so yes, the brand must be respectable but that doesn’t mean it always has to be ridiculously expensive for you to make a statement. I recently bought a Vogue cat eye shape and I’m loving them!


Picking the right sunglasses for your face shape is an essential thing to consider if you want your facial features to stand out! Hope these tips will help!



  • If you are blessed with a nice round face shape, sticking to sunglasses that featurerectangular and cat eye shapes would help your face appear longer and thinner. Aviators would also make a great pair too.




  • A heart face shape is considered cute and youthful as it features a heart-shaped hairline, narrow jaw area and small chin. Because the forehead may be too wide to balance out the jaw and chin area’s narrowness, keep it balanced and draw attention away from the forehead by wearing sunglasses with light-colored rims,oversized round shapes and fitting aviators.




  • Having an oval face shape is considered to be an easy face shape to deal with since oval shape faces tend to have proportionate features. With this face shape any shape of sunglasses would work. As a general tip stay away from extremely oversized glasses as it may look too loose on your narrow face shape and choose frames that accentuate the cheekbones, as most oval-shaped people have very prominent cheekbones. Try to keep it balanced, don’t overwhelm the face.


  • A Square face shape is the one that has the strongest and most prominent facial features. When a person has a square face shape, they have a strong, visible jaw line, wide forehead, wide area across the cheekbones and a square-shaped chin. This shape, should stick to round-shaped sunglasses and cat eye shapes to soften the strong, sharp features of the face or opt for rimless shades or aviators to balance the facial features out.

Choosing a pair of sunglasses that suits you shouldn’t be a tiring task. Get to know what flatters you, learn your facial features and embrace your face shape and be clever with buying! Better to have a variety of shades for the season rather than one lux pair.

I hope today’s post has been helpful!