Surreal seems to be such a ‘simple’ word to describe what is going on in the whole world these days and very often I find myself going into overdrive with fear. Unfortunately, the fear of the unknown has an overwhelming power to the point where without consciously wanting to, we psychologically play out the worst case scenarios. Today I will tell you of a few things I try to do when this horrible feeling of fear overpowers me and doesn’t seem to let go.

“An easy way to feel good is simply by focusing on what feels good.”

Athena Laz – Psychologist

Recently our life coach Fotis, Self-Development Tips informed us of some tips on how to strengthen one’s aura and his third tip hit the nail on the head. “Listen to upbeat playlists as music is the remedy for the soul.” From the moment I wake up in the morning I have to turn on the radio. Music has this magical power over me which just relaxes me and immediately sends me on a dreamlike voyage. Whatever I am feeling, when I listen to music, it all seems to lessen and especially now whenever I realise fear is closing in on me I play loud cheerful songs and within minutes I realise that my fear is replaced by a more of an optimistic state of mind. So yes music makes me feel good and I choose to focus on it!

Another thing that definitely makes me feel good is when I chat on the phone. Unfortunately, this self-isolation is a definite trigger for anxiety levels to unwillingly escalate, so having someone to call who you know will help you ease off these feelings is a must. For me this person is definitely Maria. Due to all the quarantine measures we haven’t really been seeing eachother but I know that whenever we need a pick-me up we will call or FaceTime eachother and through our conversations we will extract all the energy we need to keep on going.

Dance to music that lifts you up. Another friend recently told me that she was feeling so down and worried that she spent the whole morning crying. By the afternoon she was challenged to dance in her home and make a post of it on her social media and in doing so she felt so uplifted and so liberated that all the negativity she was feeling just disappeared. I’m not really the dancing type but I tried it too and yes it helped me too. Exercising and moving helps serotonin levels increase so don’t just be, move, dance, exercise…you need it to keep on going!

Ever since I graduated I always had one regret and that has been why I didn’t study psychology. At the time it didn’t seem like a good idea I was told but I have carried that remorse with me over the years. People I spoke to asked me why I didn’t do it and I always gave the same answer…” I don’t have the time to now”. How ironic! I decided to take a new online psychology course and honestly guys I feel so good! It forces my brain to focus on the one thing I’ve loved forever and for a few hours every day I have the chance to hide from the fear of the unknown.

So, my advice guys is to use this time of self-isolation and social distancing to support your inner world so as to keep it to its best possible levels.

Till next week…