It’s that time of year again when bloggers recommend you things to buy. Last year I recommended my top 5 favorite books and an Audible subscription as a zero waste alternative. In general, I don’t like to promote or encourage careless materialistic spending with excessive packaging just because it’s Christmas, on the contrary, I recommend timeless thoughtful presents that will mean the world to your loved ones that will stay with them forever. Make an effort and really think what they will appreciate and love, because thoughtless gifts are a waste of your money and to the environment.

It could be something handmade, a sweet gift card, an experience you can share, or something they actually need. So here are some suggestions:

1. Buy from charity markets.

This year I’m planning on buying some beauty products from the Foundation 4 Change Charity Beauty Sale in London where all their profits go towards helping refugees in the U.K. I’m sure there is something similar in every country, so do your research in advance and plan ahead. It’s also great to include this information into the gift itself so the recipient knows that the money used to buy his/her gift went to a good cause.

2. Buy a zero waste kit for someone who doesn’t know much about plastic pollution.

With the start of the New Year it’s a good opportunity to introduce some healthy habits and what better way to introduce a sustainable lifestyle to someone that hasn’t had the chance to look into it yet.
Some suggestions include food wraps and produce bags for your foodie friend, fancy glass straws , menstrual cups for your girlfriends, reusable wooden cutlery for those take away lunches, or reusable cotton pads for the skincare enthusiast. One step further would be to purchase a zero waste starter kit that has EVRYTHING in it! I like this one from Etsy.

3. Buy experiences!

It could be tickets for movies, musicals, theatre, festivals, workshops, classes or even holidays if you can afford it. These memories will be cherished forever as something you both shared, and the best thing is you are not adding any plastic packaging to the world, just an experience!

4. Make something yourself.

You don’t have to be an artist to create something for a loved one because that’s not the point. The point is the time and effort you put into making something handmade. Whatever you create, it comes from the heart, and that’s what it’s all about. So, if you know how to sew now’s the time, but other than that it could be ceramics, drawing, painting, knitting, embroidery, woodcarving, you name it, as long as you made it!

Hope you found some interesting ideas in this article.

Happy holidays!

The Green Edit