Mummy Cool Super Sunday

Run & Plank

1. Run on the spot 2. Plank shoulder tap 3. Cobra push up 4. Elbow to hand plank 5. Superman Full body program 20 seconds on – 10 seconds off 2 minute break after all exercises have been completed Minimum of 5 rounds (do more if you can)…

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Mummy Cool Super Sunday

Plank Flow

-plank -forward/backwards plank -pike plank -hip twist -raise hand forward -raise leg -elbow-palms   Stefanos Thrasyvoulides…

Mummy Cool Super Sunday


GET THE BEST OUT OF CYCLING Benefits:   You can ride here or there   Increases Cardiovascular fitness   Improves…

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Workout gear

This month really is summer countdown to beach body and getting into gym mode after our Christmas overdose is way…

Mummy Cool Super Sunday


3 ROUNDS 10 sec break between sets 30 sec break between exercises 2 minutes break between round High knee 5×20…

Mummy Cool Super Sunday

Round 2

1.  Kick and lunge 4x20sec (two reps left leg – two reps right leg alternated) -10 sec break between sets…