Mummy Cool Super Sunday


3 ROUNDS 10 sec break between sets 30 sec break between exercises 2 minutes break between round High knee 5×20 sec In and out squat 4×20 sec Open close bridge 3×20 sec Lunge and back leg raise 4×20 sec…

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Mummy Cool Super Sunday

Upper Body Band

Mini band shoulder activation 3×10 Mini band overhead shoulder activation 3×10 Chest band flies straight hands 3×10 Chest band flies…

Mummy Cool Super Sunday

Arm it!

Weight jumping jacks 20 reps Inner bicep 10 reps Overhead tricep extensions 10 reps Shoulder side raise 10 reps each…

Mummy Cool Super Sunday

Tone it up

Knee knee, toe toe Lunge back leg raise left Lunge back leg raise right Star jacks Pistol squat left pistol…