Mummy Cool Super Sunday

Booty lifting and toning

Bicycle abs 4×20 Back leg raise left 4×20 Back leg raise right 4×20  Kick side 4x20sec left Kick side 4x20sec right Side leg raise 4×20 left Side leg raise 4×20 right Single leg bridge left 4×20 Single leg bridge right 4×20   Stefanos Thrasyvoulides BSc Physical Education & Sports Science…

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Mummy Cool Super Sunday


Simple exercises that can be performed by using a bench or even a chair. This is a full body workout…

Mummy Cool Super Sunday


GET THE BEST OUT OF CYCLING Benefits:   You can ride here or there   Increases Cardiovascular fitness   Improves…

Mummy Cool Super Sunday


3 ROUNDS 10 sec break between sets 30 sec break between exercises 2 minutes break between round High knee 5×20…