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Mummy Cool Super Sunday


The Tabata method was inspired by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata, who developed this method for cyclists.  Each exercise in a Tabata workout lasts for 4 minutes and consists of 8 rounds of 20 seconds working and 10 seconds resting.  It sounds quite simple but it’s likely to be the longest 4 minutes ever endured.  Scientifally proven to reinforce endurance, the Tabata method also empowers the metabolism to work up to 36 hours after training.  It really is a fantastic…

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Mummy Cool Super Sunday


3 ROUNDS 10 sec break between sets 30 sec break between exercises 2 minutes break between round High knee 5×20…

Mummy Cool Super Sunday

Round 2

1.  Kick and lunge 4x20sec (two reps left leg – two reps right leg alternated) -10 sec break between sets…

Mummy Cool Super Sunday

Tone it up

Knee knee, toe toe Lunge back leg raise left Lunge back leg raise right Star jacks Pistol squat left pistol…

Mummy Cool Super Sunday

Side to Side

Lunge and twist 3×10 (each side) Russian twist 4×20 Elbow-knee pause 3×20 sec break 10 sec (each side) Circle abs…