…because just like that…

Enough is Enough

So, who hasn’t excessed with booze and food this Christmas?  Sticking to booze today, the time’s come where we have to think of teetotal -ing or as they say in 2022, dry Jan! In other words, abstaining from drink and detox- ing from it, ok, you don’t have to drink tea but I’m talking no alcohol!

What kind of choices do we have for teetotal -ing? There are all sorts of non-alcoholic drinks out there or better still that we can create ourselves! What better way than to deceive the eye by making people think you’re drinking alcohol when in fact all you’ve got in your hand is a sparkling water based good looker!

See yourself holding a gorgeous last minute, up to date gin glass, filled with Robinson’s pink grapefruit, zero calories of course, with a few frozen berries tossed in, loads of ice and perhaps a strawberry slice on the edge of the glass creating that dazzling, appealing I-want –to-have- that- in- my- hand look! That’s my January jem!Another fav is the Schweppes no sugar, fizzy lemonade with crushed ice and lemon, it’s always a winner!Join me and dry your January, you won’t regret it!

Maria x