When it comes to style, I pride myself on finding the best-looking fashion pieces that won’t actually break the bank. When it comes to beauty, however, what is the secret formula that will make you look a million dollars? Personally, I think there are a few beauty secrets that can take your look from basic to stylishly classy.

For me, there’s one hairstyle that makes everyone look classy: a low ponytail. I’ll admit I resisted this for a long time because it’s how I wore my hair in secondary school. But this was at a time pre-GHD products, so my pony looked decidedly less sleek and more frazzled than the 2019 version. Today’s ponytail is all about the shine. And now, that my hair has slightly grown, I can do the ponytail thing myself. We’ve seen countless runway shows with models in low ponies and it seems to signal that the tight, high, “snatched,” ponytail trend has reached its end. Good riddance to ponytail headaches.

In terms of positioning, the low-hanging ponytail might be the most classic of the fall 2019 hairstyles, since it has also been on our trend list in many of the prior seasons.

Stylist Karen Thomson, Scottish hairdresser of the year and owner of KAM Hair and Beauty Salon, refers to the look as a “power ponytail.” She says low ponytails “are such an underestimated hair look, and low ponytails are incredibly chic and effortless.” 

The low ponytail takes moments to do but adds an instant level of chic to every outfit.

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Maria x