Wouldn’t it be great if a single make up product was magically the only thing needed in our beauty kits?  I often wonder if I can use an eyeshadow as a blusher or a lipstick as an eyeshadow. Well, turns out that Giorgio Armani Beauty has “made our wish come true” and has created some fantastic products which one can be used in more than one way.

Check out the ultimate multitaskers below:


Born backstage, Giorgio Armani’s Eye & Brow Maestro is a 4-in-1 eye perfector resulting in stunning runway ready eyes. This magical little product can also be used as a brow shaper, eye liner, eye shadow, hair root touch up and for contouring. Its natural finish is waterproof and gives 20 hours of wear with a 100% natural finish. (available in 6 shades)


This weightless, organza-inspired formula comes in an extensive range of colors to match each woman’s unique tone so to create a luminous and healthy look. It is an easy-to-apply liquid highlighter which can be worn as a makeup base or blended with foundation for a boost of radiance and color. It can also be used on top of foundation for added highlighting and contouring. For a warm glow: mix with foundation. For a light glow: use to highlight. For a healthy glow: use as a blush. (available in 7 shades)


A lip lacquer with a comfortable velvety texture and a radiant finish. Lips appear instantly plumped and radiant. The sensual, non-sticky texture offers hours of hydration and comfort. Use the applicator to place onto the centre of the lips, then roll the lips together; spread outward with the applicator for a perfect finish.  For a lighter matte effect, apply by dabbing with finger. Dab the Lip Maestro on the cheeks too to give your face an instant healthy glow. (available in 16 shades)

So there you have it ladies. With the purchase of only three products you can create an array of different looks!

‘Till next week…