One of my favorite podcasts is Jay Shetty’s “On purpose”. I strongly recommend you listen to him whether it’s an Instagram video, You Tube or a podcast on Spotify. The man is phenomenal at communicating and giving us clarity.

During his latest podcast, I learned something I wanted to share. The 5 phases of growth!

Have you ever posed the question: “How do I start?”

Whether you want to start making videos, launch a new business, join the gym or try anything new, the first step is often the hardest! Unfortunately, the difficulties don’t stop there since

after we start, we expect instant results or wonder why it isn’t working.

It’s clear that starting something new is a process. Give yourself the time, patience and understanding and trust the stages.

The 5-phases of growth as outlined by Jay Shetty:

  1. Learn: In this important phase it is essential to gather knowledge and information surrounding the topic of interest. Knowledge can range from information about gym classes or valuable tech-stuff you need to know prior to launching a website.
  2. Experiment: My favorite step. Jay explains that it is very important to not judge ourselves during this phase. Allow yourself to experiment for a period of time but do not expect results, nor give yourself excuses to stop. Just do it, it’s only an experiment!
  3. Reform: This phase literally means to make changes in something, in order to improve it. So you’ve learned, experimented and now it’s time to make a few changes to make the process run efficiently.
  4. Struggle:Change is messy in the beginning but beautiful at the end.” Robin Sharma. This phase will be found throughout the 5 stages. You will face constant struggles but its 100% worth pushing through them. Each struggle is an opportunity to learn and grow.
  5. Thrive: This is the phase, we all want to dive into from the beginning. But it is only when  we reach levels of automaticity and we know what we are doing that we do it well. The trick is to not get complacent or allow our ego to take over.

Next time you ask yourself “How do I start?” consciously think of these 5 phases and your new project will go from strength to strength.