Women’s Day Inspo

We go together

We are together

We work WONDERS together!

Oh what it is to be female in this family. Long ago when we were just daddy’s girls living at home, the females in the house- the four of us, mum, my 2 sisters and I took over naturally. Dad would lose out all round from pink décor to pink furniture from pink bed linen to pink ornaments, and yep, I still continue living in my made up pink world. This female domination continues today but has transferred into a completely different setting, THE work place, OUR WORK PLACE. The four of us now run The English Learning Centre -an English school based in Limassol, which if you ask me is in a league of its own.

Mum started her language school nearly 30 years ago when we first immigrated to Cyprus. Born out of her passion for teaching mum plunged all in. Her once small 4 x 4 classroom today has transformed into a 4 floor 18 classroom strong school. It wasn’t long before I joined mum and 4 years later Georgina my middle sister jumped on board followed by my youngest Elena 4 years after that.

Today with the 4 of us running The English Learning Centre, each with our own area of strength, we are paving our way into making women in power, a force to be reckoned with.

As women, we have come a long way and have made it possible to accomplish anything we set our minds to. That is something to be celebrated.

Happy Women’s Day

Maria x