I’m almost certain that at some point many of us cannot find the furniture we have in mind. Scouting shops may be hectic and ineffective. Commercial furniture, which we often see multiplying, is a bit tedious. Many avoid it nowadays and selectively look for alternatives; fresh ideas and unique pieces. Why not? That way one can choose the materials, the size of furniture and create the exact style they have in mind?


Allow me to introduce you to my very own brand, which does exactly that. The philosophy of ‘Euphoria Furniture’ stands in its name. The word ‘euphoria’ is defined as ‘a sense of joy and tranquility’, something we aim to offer through our furniture.
Euphoria Furniture was created through love for natural wood, its features, properties, flexibility and undoubtedly, its beauty. The friction with it, the contact of the hands by removing the wood bark but also the sculpting before it became furniture, ended up in need of creation. This handmade work was quickly loved and this gave rise to slow and steady growth by recognizing the uniqueness of personalized handmade furniture, not only through wood but also in combination with other materials.

In a nutshell, Euphoria Furniture is the coexistence and blending of natural materials with a twist of modern ones.

This furniture is unique, since no piece can be re-created due to the particularity of each wooden piece. This leads to simple, timeless and personalized furniture tailored to the needs and tastes of each individual. There are unlimited designs and solutions for residential, commercial and public spaces. Designed by our team always using imagination, practicality and aesthetics, allowing natural materials to enter our everyday life.

Creativity comes from the soul. A good result cannot flourish if there is no love in it. Art is always immobile, but the wood breathes even after cutting. In fact, it never stops breathing. Our creativity is certainly inspired by the wood itself, the grains and its shapes, its sculptural quality, but also its natural beauty, even when leaving it in its raw state. One could say, that a piece of wood is a work of art on its own, as long as one has imagination and allows the mind to travel. We get inspiration by anything that excites us, whether it is the sea movement, the reflection of a material in a mirror or the very nature. However, the main inspiration is always the space and the clients themselves, with who we communicate in depth in order to perceive what will excite them and fulfil their needs. Let’s not forget that they are the ones who will experience and use it daily, so our goal is for the furniture to contain a piece of themselves. In any case, we do create it together. Surely we are being informed about new design trends, but most of the time the inspiration comes instantly through discussion with the customer. The process therefore, gives the opportunity to someone to acquire a unique piece of furniture made exclusively for them.

Wood, marble and stone are all natural materials and we combine them with different styles. That is, with contemporary, modern, classic and country style. Euphoria does not really promote a certain style, it simply tries to create furniture that result to be eclectic and attractive pieces, always on the basis of their practical side. We certainly like combining modern materials with wood, but it is understood that the space to be placed will be the first thing we check to fit the furniture perfectly. In general, the furniture that are promoted are ones that ‘travel’ their user in an interesting way, which may give a sense of surprise. It may be considered bizarre to combine wood with a hand drawing on top and combine it with a mirror base, but this may cheer you up or create a reaction, a response. The fact that we make customized furniture allows us to meet many different tastes, because here is where the distinctiveness of each taste ties together with the technical, design, manufacturing expertise as well as support that we can give.

As a matter of fact, we prefer the combination of materials because they can aesthetically ‘lighten’ or ‘weigh down’ a piece of furniture. Surely wood has the flexibility and adaptability in handling it in shape. In addition, there are many options of wood and shades to be sampled.
Bottom line is that wood is combined with countless materials such as marble, stone, metal, stainless steel, bronze, glass, mirror, resin and many more.

The Steps towards creating a piece of customized furniture   |   It all starts from the moment our customer shares the needs and aesthetics they prefer. With our experience in interior architecture, we give our suggestions. Our samples are the ones that will determine the selection of wood and then comes the preparation of technical drawings or even a three-dimensional model, which is the basis for the beginning of the creation of the furniture. If wood selection is not in stock, it is located in the pre-agreed dimensions, cut and treated-sterilized in our kiln-oven. This is a necessary procedure that needs to be done at certain days and degrees, in order to avoid and exterminate living organisms, moisture and wood tar. Then, medicine and preservatives are introduced. Finally, wood and design can move to the technicians, ending with the varnish. With the necessary supervision, the furniture gains the form we envisioned and in conclusion, it is delivered to the customer. 

Wood Origin   |   For the most part, we like to support our country, so we have thoroughly examined and learned the qualities and responses of Cypriot wood and how to handle it in terms of its heating, treatment and maintenance. However, we also supply wood from Indonesia, where we find many kinds of wood such as mango, teak, suar, acacia and other. These also pass through inspection and maintenance at our workshop. Everything is delivered with a certificate of treatment. Timber stock always exists in our collection, where someone can choose or take samples at home.

Why should someone prefer a personalized furniture and not get one from a shop where they can see, touch and be sure of their purchase?

A person who chooses customization wants something unique, far from the commercial, based on their needs. The finished furniture will not be seen from the beginning however, there are similar pieces in our gallery for someone to check the quality, knowing that selection and designs are endless. In addition, our website provides some of our finest works, in which one can observe detail and quality. Costs are made directly with the material and design selection, so the customers know from the start all the information they need. Furniture does shape the character of a home. Apart from structural features, choices in furniture and other materials play a key role in the style and appearance of a house. The price of a handmade item or furniture need not be prohibitive when the expert knows how to save time and cost for their client.

The greatest value   |   For Euphoria Furniture, both the manufacturing process and the result are equally important. The process unfolds all the potentials and the result is where the efforts take shape.

Nicole Ioannides x