Wedding bells are just around our family corner and this is one of a couple of posts that will make their way to you. My youngest sister, Elena, is about to get hitched and we need (me, mum and middle sis) to look our best. Going to a wedding is so exciting, even more so when it’s your little sister’s and especially when the waiting game was so drawn out.

Deciding on which season, my sister knew the kind of dream dress would be walking her down the aisle. The rest of us girls in the family hadn’t reached a decision so quickly. Elena simply went abroad, found it, bought it and is now waiting for it. Mum, Geo and I also knew what we wanted but because of the date being in October and it is the end of the season etc. etc. etc. we needed to find what we wanted and quickly. We went through hours of Net-a-Porting, Out-Netting, My Theresa-ing and Farfetch-ing but to no avail.

Having our palette of possible colours in mind we knew we wanted to find something elegant, simple and ready-made for this wedding. Not too fussy nor too frilly nor too colourful. Mum more specifically vowed that this time round, it would be shop bought and not hand made.

From my experience, when you want something and it is in your thoughts, it then materializes and becomes a reality. This was the case for my mum and myself. Out and about at different times on different days, whilst doing chores for the week, we both landed on our dresses. The colour, design, length and fit were perfect. It can be very stressful looking for a particular dress for a particular occasion and more often than not you tend to compromise on buying what you want – either in price, quality or colour. Our dresses fit us like a glove! Within 15 minutes we both found what we were looking for. Geo was lucky enough to eventually find her dress over the internet without having to compromise either. Having a great weight lifted off our shoulders we are now able to concentrate on details and fuss over the little things that make a day like this so special.

The wedding season is upon us ladies! Whether a guest, bridesmaid or close family member, it is important to have an idea of what you want and what you would look good in when choosing your outfit. I am a firm believer of the law of attraction, when you know what you want it comes to you.