You might have seen them in Asian dishes or in trendy salad bars and wondered what they are! Sprouts are the young greens, typically only days old, whose seeds have germinated and begun to develop stems and leaves only a couple of inches in length.

There are a variety of different sprouts, including alfalfa, broccoli, lentil seeds etc. Studies have shown that the process of sprouting significantly increases the nutritional value of the seeds. Sprouting improves the digestibility of the seeds and improves the quality of certain nutrients such as protein. You can make your own sprouts using either a glass jar or a germinator. 

Sprouts are considered to be nutritional treasures with many health promoting effects.

  1. Broccoli sprouts contain sulphoraphane, a natural compound that helps the body eliminate toxins and fight cancer. Sulforaphane also helps women’s bodies maintain healthy and balanced oestrogen levels, reducing the risk of hormone related cancers.
  2. Broccoli sprouts are also rich in indole-3-carbinol, which helps balance women’s hormone levels. This natural compound assists the liver with the detoxification of excess hormones, helping in the reduction of symptoms of PMS, irregular periods, and hormonal acne.
  3. Sprouts improve digestion, making valuable minerals like iron more available to the body.
  4. Improve insulin resistance.
  5. Boost the immune system.

How to add sprouts in your diet:

  • Add to a smoothie
  • Serve over an omelette
  • Add in a salad or wrap
  • Add in stir-fries

Dietitian / Nutritionist
M.Sc. Nutritional Medicine