My DIY manicure used to be a must. I’d spend hours doing my nails and cuticles when there was only me to think about, a long time ago in another life.

Semi-permanent nail colour came into my life at exactly the right time -when babies happened! My bi weekly appointment at my nail artist has become part of my beauty regime therefore giving me one less thing to think about when getting ready! I’m a lover of groomed hands and nails.

A devoted fan of bold colours and nude hues, I’ve tended to stick to burgundy tones, neutral pinks, French and black! I always regret doing the colours in between, they seem ‘kinda’ wishy washy on my fingers! Saying that, this season I’m splashing into colour!

Although the classic red is always a style staple, it really is having its moment! Red stands for colour through and through, you can’t get more colour than red! I don’t know what’s got into me but it’s been back to back, classic red for my last couple of manicures and I’m loving it! I don’t see it as formal lately but super trendy and cool. Red is also one of those colours that flatters the nails and fingers much like a French manicure.

Think summer! Think ice cold rosé, parties, beach days, jean shorts, and the perfect nail polish. From palm tree greens to dreamy turquoises fit for mermaids, Sasha my ‘nail master’, as she calls herself, shows us the colours we need to experiment with this summer! Ok, ok, apart from red!

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