Destination: Lake Lugano/ Lake Como

Our choice for a romantic getaway with hubby was spot on – we chose the lakes. Although we had our close friends for company (Christina our beauty blogger amongst us) we spent quality time with each other and found ourselves appreciating a calm, golden silence amidst breath taking nature. Switzerland / Italy was awe inspiring, each destination with its own gripping beauty.

 Seeing the lakes from a distance for the first time on our way from Milano to Lugano was intoxicating. Endless in size and beauty, formidable in architecture and design and vivid in colour, an indescribable beauty surrounded us – a magical setting that conjured up the sources of fairy tales. Stopping at Lake Lugano before driving up to our mountain top hotel, we got caught up in a music and film festival. Different generations were sitting in the town square, a drink in hand and a cheerful temperament viewing the tributes on the big screen- organized, cultured and refined. The Swiss/ Italians were a pleasure to be amongst.

Broad day light and it was 8pm when we arrived at our hotel. A twisting, winding, fairy tale drive to the highest mountain made us feel queasy every time we would have to drive up or down it but well worth it! I had entered one of my best loved novels. Stunning shades of greenery surrounded us, from the lake to the fields to the dense trees which enclosed us. Our room with its balcony overlooking the lake, the hill tops and the picturesque houses were a kaleidoscope of colours. A picture is worth a thousand words doesn’t come close to what I woke up to every morning.

Kurhaus Cademario Hotel & Spa, secluded as they come, was an excellent choice as it combined tranquillity with fine dining at an affordable price. Warm summer days beckoned us to put their spa to good use and relax in the outdoor pools lapping up the luxurious surroundings.

Exploring and enjoying the lakes, parks and cobbled streets was what our holiday consisted of. Lush gardens, pine trees and ripples of water were explored either on foot, by car or by boat! It was sheer relaxation. The wide pristine lakes were outlined with pretty cafes and casual eateries enticing passers- by to make the most of the light warm breeze and romantic summer nights. Taking a stroll through a very neat, colourful park along the lake we bumped into a ‘Park n’ read’ sign. People could borrow a book and replace it when they were finished with it. Keeping this classic past time alive in this way really does tempt even the non-reader to pick up a book. Loved what I saw!

Dining in both Lake Como and Lugano posed a small problem. The kitchens close early and this was something we couldn’t really get used to. Last orders at 10!! Being Cypriot we couldn’t understand this especially when sunset was at 9.30. Long days and short nights didn’t make sense to us. Food was good though!

Well, George Clooney was nowhere to be seen whilst in Como. Obviously Trying to juggle his time between his twinnies and beautiful wife, we were left with others to keep us company. The staff at Il Sereno, Lago di Como did a good job making up for ‘nowhere to be seen’ George! What a hotel! What a view! What an exquisite dining experience and what friendly, hospitable staff! Our choice of restaurant at this hotel is to be remembered and savoured. A jewel in Como, the hotel and its restaurant manager Stefano made us want to return back for more.

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