For two days my husband kept asking me if I had packed my bag for our five-day getaway. My answer always being, not yet! This last week has been seriously crazy; the last stretch before the ending of our academic year has left me feeling the pressure! Preparing for final year exams for both students and my children, organising WMC and having a very busy evening agenda left me with no time whatsoever. But I managed to squeeze it in!

Packing my bag is one thing and timetabling my children to stay with grandma and friends is another. Let’s just say, the efficient operator is another skill that comes with motherhood. On Friday before, I sorted out the kid’s schedule, that took me enough time! Organising pickups from school, teacher’s presents for the end of the term, presents for parties and who was to fetch and bring them on each day- that took me an entire morning which was already heavily loaded. But this is the downside for a mum who desperately wants to go on holiday without the kids.

Finding time to work out what to take with me on holiday was zero this time round but last minute packing always proves to be successful! (anything forgotten works to your favour if with your husband or partner!)

Saturday 10.00 am was our flight, at 6.30 my alarm clock shook me out of my few hours of trance like sleep. It was packing time! I had no idea what to take with me. I always have this problem, but because of the lower temperatures in the evening, I was muddled. Lake Como and Lugano are not seaside destinations where all you need is beachwear and some simple dresses. A variety of clothing is necessary and a suitable outfit for day and night.

When my husband told me he didn’t book me a suitcase for our return flight I had a s*** fit! How the hell was I going to travel without my creams and liquids for five days and with a cabin bag that barely fits three pairs of shoes? He seriously doesn’t know what it means to be a woman. Getting my own way, in the end, I had a suitcase at my disposal. I could have taken a whole lot more luggage with me and it would have eased my problem on what to take and what not based on that mood thing and the swelly belly situation – Anyway I was a happy bunny!

Ok, so what did I pack for my European relaxing break in June?

  • For starters all my skincare products and samples of shampoos and masks from my dearest hairdresser. Having my suitcase, this part was the easiest.
  • White Tees for a laid back, can’t be bothered to make much of an effort mood. My 501’s/ jean shorts, my lightweight khaki jacket and my Stan Smiths. This is my play it safe/ travel outfit. Whenever I don’t know what to wear or if I just want to feel comfortable, I go for this!
  • Two long airy dresses (I call them vacation dresses) which work well with a jean jacket and espadrilles.
  • A couple of blouses, shorts and slides for hot weather.
  • A swimming suit and bikini and two sundresses for hotel chill out time.
  • Two going out tops and 3 cocktail outfits for evening.
  • A pair of block heels (shoe of the moment).
  • A bag that can be used for day and night or two bags ok, ok three  – one tote for travelling, a cross body and an evening one.
  • Basic make up. Not much of a makeup person anyway. (bought a whole lot from the airport thanks to Christina- beauty blogger)

We had to leave the house at 8.00, I was ready at 8.15! Usual story. Job done, we set off!
Travelling to Europe? I love shopping before my holiday!