Wine, a collection of aromas, tastes, feelings. All these combined, lead to memories worth sharing. However, knowing how to actually taste a wine while maximizing the pleasure, sometimes cannot be taken as granted.

When opening a nice bottle of wine, which by the way becomes even nicer when shared, you should have in mind the “Wine Trilogy”. The 3 simple actions.

 Observe, smell, taste.

These three steps will help you:

  1. Understand the quality of the wine by evaluating the colour, the aroma and the flavor.
  2. Evolve and identify personal wine taste. After all, getting to know what suits you, is what matters the most
  3. Enhance the pleasure of drinking, by giving yourself time to understand the full character of the wine

And just as an extra tip, know that our tongue is our best friend when it comes to identifying and enjoying the different flavours of each wine. Each area of the tongue is responsible for different flavours: Sweetness/dryness, acidity, saltiness and bitterness.

See you next week!

Until then.. Strike for a glass half full !

Nicole x